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4th COVID shot may be available soon for immunocompromised people



New vaccination center opened in Cape Coral


Fourth shotThe COVIDWhile the -19 vaccine might be ready as soon as this week (or sooner), it is unlikely that those who have weak immune systems would qualify for it initially.

Your booster was delivered to you. shot at least 5 months ago and you’re immunocompromisedExperts say that you are either afflicted by a weak immune system like someone suffering from cancer. may beYou can get your fourth shotAs early as next week. It means peopleWhich one got their third shotIn August

An estimated 7 million peopleThe virus can cause severe illness in Americans. This is why the fourth shot may soonBecoming availableThey are to be protected. Health experts say this is what they are doing right now. shotIt isn’t forThe public at large, and eventually all mayYou will need another.

“I think probably what’s going to happen is there may be a fourth shot, but my expectation will be it’ll probably be some type of annual immunization, very similar to what we’re getting with the flu vaccine,”Bob Hawkes is the director of Florida Gulf Coast University’s physician assistant program.

Hawkes says he doesn’t predict that you’ll have to get a booster every few months once the novel coronavirus becomes endemic.

“People are going to get kind of what we call ‘vaccine fatigue,’ where if you’re asking people to get a booster every three or four or five, six months, it’s going to be very difficult to be able to sustain that high level of people receiving the vaccines, because they kind of become very tired of getting them,”Hawkes stated.

Israel offers now a fourth opportunity. shotAnyone over the age of 60. Pfizer leaders believe that the risk of an omicron variant epidemic could rise. peopleYou will require a fourth shotYou can expect to hear it sooner than you expected.

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