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55 One-Dish Meals that Will Not Leave You with an Overflowing Sink



55 One Dish Meals That Won't Leave You With an Overflowing Sink

After spending a year cooking and eating at home, I discovered the many benefits of one-dish meals. Just as we’ve finally plowed through a sink (and desk and living room and…) full of dishes, another round of cake-crusted baking pans and greasy skillets seems to magically appear. (Oh about that, here’s a helpful technique to save you water, soap, and time, and some tools to make hand-washing your dishes easier.) So when it comes to weeknight dinners that won’t keep us elbow-deep in suds all night, we’re all about the one-pot meals; simple and hearty, with just a single skillet, sheet pan, or Dutch oven to wash at the end of the meal. These 55 one-dish meals can be used to make everything from smoky Hungarian mushroom broth to herbaceous baked fish to delicious chickpea pancakes.

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