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A local couple left homeless after leasing a home



A local couple left homeless after leasing a home

NORTH FORT MYERS, Fla. — A local coupleRenting what they thought was perfect homeAs they moved into their new home, they began to learn. aThey were not allowed to remain under the rule. They are now left homeless.

“It was the perfect house for us. We like the house and the area. Annette Kriete also said that the cost was great.

APerfection homeThat was what she replied. This is aTheir family is at a safe distance. Five-month search to find a homeIt was time for her and Michael Simon to move on. It was over. coupleThis was cleared up.

“It was aKriete explained that finding the perfect house has been stressful for many months.

It coupleMoved into homeNew Year’s Eve at North Fort Myers

“Everything was going to be really nice. Simon said, “I thought we would get the good news.”

The same day, the coupleThey were told that they could not stay due to aProperty Owners Association rules According to the president of POA, there is aThis rule prohibits homeowners from renting their properties.

“He said, well, that’s not allowed. It’s going to be. aKriete acknowledged the problem.

It coupleWas in-shock afterTheir rental costs can run into the thousands.

“From what they’re saying is they don’t want to have to pressure us into leaving, but we have to just because of the rules,” Simon said.

Locating another rental property aThey said it was almost impossible to do so in a short amount of time.

“I’ve been in tears. Kriete explained that migraine headaches are something I get when I am under stress.

Her weekends are spent searching for the perfect job. She spends many hours looking outside work to find it. homeBut she stated that the clock is ticking.

“They have offered our money back, but they’re asking us to hurry and leave,” she said.

They are content with the essentials. They live off of bags and boxes.

Kriete stated that they had considered other options but found most to be too expensive.

“You know, find Airbnb, which is going to cost us out of our pocket. The idea was born. aIt costs a lot to purchase this property,” she stated.

Both of them want time to search for a different place to store their stuff and then move on. home.

Fox 4 spoke to the Terrapin Woods POA President. He explained that the “rules are the rules”. According to him, the rules forbid renting within the neighbourhood.