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A mother seeks answers to her son’s burning body after he is killed



Mom searches for answers after her son is burned alive

FORT MYERS (Florida) – Imagine living for 28 years and not knowing the murderer of your son. It is an everyday reality for Sam and Patsy Comparetto.

They are saddened by the loss of their son and pray for justice, even if it is 28 years later.

David Comparetto quit his job as a Publix part-timer that October night. He got in his Ford Tempo pale-blue but was never seen again.

David’s mom remembers when he last walked out of the front door.

Patsy Compartto stated, “I told he I loved him and that’s the last time I saw him,”

Because she was watching soccer all night, she decided to fall asleep. David was always there at 2 AM. David often wakes her up to see the lights in the driveway.

Headlights came into Patsy’s driveway at 4 AM on October 16, 1993. Patsy claimed that somebody knocked at the door. But it wasn’t David. They were instead greeted by detectives.

“They wanted to know if David was home. I said no. I looked down the hall. His door was opened, ”She said.

The MPs shared the devastating news with her immediately. With her, the MPs relayed their heartbreaking news. Someone had lit the Ford Tempo of David. He was discovered dead inside the trunk.

It is something that she remembers vividly.

She said, “I’m sure he was afraid to death on the last night.”

Patsy was afflicted by his death. He called her at work, and she still remembers that moment.

David was vulnerable as an adult.

Patsy was home when he told her that some men from his workplace wanted to take him to the club. He told her it was a bad idea.

“I know I can’t stop you from leaving, but try to think about it. Well he went and from then on he went, ”She said.

According to her, he became addicted. He finally got the attention that he craved in his younger years from women.

He really desired a girl. Patsy stated that she believes he found exactly what he needed in the clubs.

Because of his limitations, he couldn’t distinguish fact from fantasy in these club worlds.

David was born with an uneven foot and legs, which made him socially handicapped. Patsy stated that he was born with developmental delays which made him act younger than his actual age.

She said that he was shy and naive at first, but was bullied in high school.”

David had so many problems in high school and would eventually suffer the worst of them all. Patsy doesn’t believe anyone can hurt him. Even worse, he might even kill himself. He was kind and willing to help other people, she said.

“He was a kind person with a heart. He trusted a lot of people he should never have trusted and you used and changed him, ”Patsy said.

A new lead was introduced in 2008. Patsy mentioned that the woman who worked at the bakery saw David cry after receiving his call in 2008. But he declined to come with her.

David was following a black, shiny four-door sedan. It was often seen at the Strip Clubs.

The trail was supposed to bring her answers. But, after more than 28 years of searching she still has no answers.

Call Crime Stoppers and Detective Marcia Sutphin if you have any information.

Call Crime Stoppers at 800-780-TIPS and you don’t have to provide your name.

Detective Sutphin is also available at 239-477-1146.

David’s mom hopes that someone will step forward to do the right thing.

Here are more details about this case.

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