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A new training facility could be built for the Cape Coral fire station



The Cape Coral fire department could get a new training facility

CAPE CORAL (Florida) – A new training facility is being built by the Cape Coral Fire Department.

It is situated near Cape Coral’s South Water Plant. Chief Ryan Lamb claims that the site could have high water pressure, even in an industrial zone.

Lamb said, “We have to be able and able to practice to be ready to serve when called to service.”

Recently, the city council approved an agreement with an architect to do the work. A vote will take place on Wednesday regarding the endangered site manager in the initial phase.

Lamb said, “This training facility allows us to conduct fire-revolutions live and many other things that firefighters are trained to do to help protect firefighters and the community.”

Firefighters spend up to an entire hour on the road training in nearby departments.

Lamb claims that firefighters are able to earn more training hours if they live within the city limits. According to Lamb, firefighters can be saved faster if they have better training.

Lamb stated, “We want them to be well-trained and ready for the worst,”

Just over $69,000 would be spent on the initial phase.

To view the entire consent agenda, click here

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