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As plans call for a permanent memorial to Gabby Petito it will be taken down.



Memorial to Gabby Petito, which will be dismantled as plans for a permanent tribute begin

NORTH PORT FLORIDA – Gabby Petito’s temporary memorial in front North Port City Hall is now gone.

North Port Public Works crews were present at the memorial around 8:30 AM to accept the honours in memory of Gabby. They took the items away in cardboard boxes. They included photos, flowers, teddy bears as well candles, and photographs of Gabby in a tree located near North Port Town Hall.

According to the city, much of what was left behind by people has been damaged or destroyed due to weather. Gabby’s family visited New York from New York to collect some items.

Yesterday, her mom sent a tweet thanking all who showed love and support to the family in Florida.

Jill Luke, North Port mayor says that although the memorial was removed from her city hall, she still wants to build a permanent monument in memory of Gabby. She wants Gabby’s memories to be remembered every day, she says.

At this time, the city intends to install a bench beneath the tree that was used for the memorial.

Wyoming will have more news. Additional information about Gabby’s autopsy will be released by the Teton County coroner.

Although her death is already being classified as homicide by the police, the results from the autopsy will reveal what happened to her body at the time. Gabby disappeared while traveling west with her fiancé Brian Laundrie.

It is anticipated that the coroner will announce his decision at 2:20 AM EST.

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