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Basketball for women went to West Palm Beach’s San Juan Shootout.



FGCU head coach Karl Smesko speaks to his team prior to a Gulf Coast Showcase game between the FGCU and the University of Arkansas that took place at the FGCU's Alico Arena in Fort Myers on Saturday, November 28, 2020.

The FGCU Women’s Basketball Team will compete at the San Juan Shootout, as well the West Palm Beach Invitational.

Karl Smesko, FGCU coach said that “we have a very difficult schedule this year with no conferences.”

Last year’s Eagles reached 26-3, and will face Tennessee on Friday, November 26th, while Saint Louis (Puerto Rico) takes on the Eagles on Saturday, November 27th. Missouri State was defeated by the FGCU at the Gulf Coast Showcase in Alico Arena last year. Virginia Tech also participated in the shootout.

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The FGCU will face Big Ten School Michigan State at the West Palm Beach Invitational. It will then play High Point, coached former FGCU assistant Chelsea Dermyer on Tuesday, 21st December.

Smesko said, “It will prove to be a test for us right before Christmas,”

Both the Spartans and Eagles have played twice. In 2009, Michigan State won a convincing win at East Lansing by 23 points. The Eagles took home one point at Alico Arena.

Smesko stated that the High Point tournament was initially intended for the FGCU. However, the event never took place.

Smesko stated that they thought the game would be an entertaining one for their fans. “We were unable to fill the tournament (at FGCU), and both teams needed more games.”

LSU plays in West Palm Tournament, along with West Virginia and USF.

LSU will host the Eagles on Sunday, November 14.

A non-conference plan includes also a December 1 home meeting with Princeton. This game has been postponed by the coronavirus epidemic from last year.

Golf for men: Votes were cast for the Eagles inBushnell / Golfweek Preseason Coaches Poll, 22. They are eighth out of all the 25 top teams. The Eagles are the first team to enter a Division I season with votes in the Top 25 Poll.

Andrew Danna, FGCU Coach said “This reflects our players’ work over the past year” It’s great to get recognized but it is vital to do the best we can to win every day.

The Golf Coaches Association of America awarded the Mark Laesch award to the Eagles after the 2021 spring campaign. This award is given to the team that has shown the most improvement in adjusted average per lap over the preceding year. Last spring, the FGCU saw an average of 15.26 adjustments per lap.’s final rankings showed that the Eagles moved up to 65th place, from 257th.

On Monday, the Eagles will open their 2021-22 season at the Maridoe Collegiate Invitational. It is located in Carrollton. Arizona State, Baylor and Howard are all part of the field. Liberty, North Texas (cohost), Oklahoma, Southern Cal., Southern Cal., SMU. TCU. Texas, Texas A&M. Texas Tech., Wake Forest. Live broadcast of the tournament on Golf Channel. Reporting begins Monday at 4:00 p.m., and goes through Wednesday.

Swimming for Women: Dave Rollins, swimming and diving head coach announced Wednesday that Taylor Loewen was joining the team and Matt Ventura joined the staff. Loewen is the assistant swim coach, and Ventura as the diving trainer.

Rollins stated, “As I was going through the process, I knew that there were only handful of coaches I wanted and getting Taylor and Matt onto board is very special.” “They are both rising stars in our sport and each one brings new and exciting ideas and experiences with them on deck. As a team, we will continue to develop and grow together.

Lara Jackson has been replaced by Ventura and Loewen at the University of Arizona. David Boyko was a diving instructor.

Loewen is a former research assistant for Georgia Southern. Ventura joins Eagles, having previously been trained by the Legacy Dive Club (Eastern Michigan) and Ohio State Diving Club.

On September 25, the UNF Invitational will kick-off the Eagles’ 2021-22 season.

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