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Bonita Springs

Bonita Springs apartment complex offering 200 units east of I-75. Planned



Renderings of horizontal housing projects similar to Soltura on Terry Street, a planned community east of Interstate 75.

There are dozens of “little, little houses”While a developer is working to create the city’s first vertical apartment development, a lot of 20 acres could be included.

Danville Leadbetter (co-founder, Soltura Development Group) said that they are creating a “shared apartment” but with a single family lifestyle. “It creates an alternative option on the market for housing that does not exist, and I am really excited.”

Leadbetter stated that horizontal apartments are different from multi-unit apartment blocks. Freestanding structures are better than small homes.

Leadbetter stated that the two- and three-bedroom units could be up to 2000 square feet and would have a two story height. A staircase will lead to upstairs bedrooms and the living and kitchen areas on the first level. A single-story unit with one bedroom would have one wall and be single-story.

Growing Bonita Spring:Near Bonita Beach Road is a drive-thru restaurant and 252 apartments are planned.

DowntownBarron Collier Companies has partnered with Bonita Springs in order to build downtown real estate

Leadbetter explained that every unit would include a yard for pets or children to play in.

Soltura on Terry Street would be the community name.

A 20-acre lot that could be developed into a 200-unit Terry Street community across the street from Bonita Springs YMCA.

The availability of Horizontal-style shared apartments is increasing across the nation, however, there are very few in Florida. Although each apartment will cost more than traditional apartment buildings for the same lifestyle, some renters may find it worth it.

Leadbetter stated that “the more people have life chances, the better it is for all.” It’s not one size fits all.

This property, which covers 20 acres on Terry Street to the north is located across from Bonita Springs YMCA Kent Road Junction. The property was used as an RV park up until 2008. It was planned to become an apartment block, but plans for the replacement failed. Soltura acquired the property in this year.

Developers began planning, and they submitted an application to rededicate the city last month.

Renderings of horizontal housing projects similar to Soltura on Terry Street, a planned community east of Interstate 75.

It has been identified as a highly populated area. Traffic studies are being done to determine the 200 planned units. Soltura intends to create a right-turn lane at the intersection for Terry Street motorists heading west.

An initial blueprint of a 200-unit community on 20 acres on East Terry Street across from Bonita Springs YMCA.

There will be two entrances to the community, one right across the YMCA entrance street and one farther east. The development plans state that more than half the land will have filter swamps and on-site water reservoirs.

Bonita Springs’ staff, the zoning boards and the city council have to approve the project. Leadbetter hopes that the project can be completed by next spring.

In recent years, the city east of Interstate 75 experienced a boom in residential construction. The Bonita Grande Mine, located northeast of Soltura Property, has received approval for 700 households.

Bonita Beach Road is home to two new housing projects. The Midtown at Bonita property, which covers 67 acres near Bonita Grande Drive has been approved to house up to 482 apartments blocks, a hotel with 165 rooms, and 315,000 square feet commercial and retail space.

The Interstate Exchange is near a project that will have 252 units. Construction can only begin after approval from the city.

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