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Bowles talks individual and team defense at Scouting Combine


New York Jets head coach, Todd Bowles, recently spoke about individual and team defense at the NFL Scouting Combine. His experience as a former NFL defensive player and defensive coordinator, gives him invaluable insights on what it takes to be successful on the defensive end. Bowles shares his thoughts on how individual players need to excel in one-on-one plays, and how defensive teamwork is essential to winning games. His words offer a glimpse into the complex world of NFL defense strategies.

Bowles Talks Individual and Team Defense at Scouting Combine

During the recent Scouting Combine, coaches and players gathered to discuss the upcoming NFL season. One of the main topics of discussion was defense, and one coach who had a lot to say on this subject was Todd Bowles. As the defensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Bowles knows a thing or two about what it takes to have a successful defense in the NFL. Here’s what he had to say about individual and team defense.

Individual Defense

When it comes to individual defense, Bowles stressed the importance of technique and fundamentals. He emphasized that players need to know their responsibilities and be able to execute them well. This includes things like maintaining leverage, taking proper angles, and tackling effectively. Bowles also stressed the importance of communication, saying that players need to be able to communicate with each other on the field in order to be successful.

One area that Bowles emphasized was the importance of studying film. He said that players need to watch as much film as possible in order to know their opponents’ tendencies and be able to anticipate their moves. He said that watching film allows players to be in the right place at the right time, and can sometimes even give them a step up on their opponents.

Team Defense

Bowles also discussed team defense, which is the overall performance of the defense as a unit. He stressed the importance of players working together and trusting each other in order to be successful. This means that players need to be disciplined and execute their assignments, but also be aware of what their teammates are doing and how they can help them.

One of the main areas that Bowles talked about was the importance of stopping the run. He said that if a team can’t stop the run, then they’re not going to be successful on defense. He emphasized the importance of tackling well and maintaining proper gap integrity, which means that players need to know their roles in the defense and stick to them.

Bowles also talked about the importance of creating turnovers. He said that if a defense can create turnovers, then it can swing the momentum of a game and give the offense a short field to work with. He said that creating turnovers requires players to be aggressive and take risks, but also to be disciplined and know when to take those risks.


In conclusion, Bowles had a lot of insightful things to say about individual and team defense. He emphasized the importance of technique and fundamentals, as well as communication and trust between players. He also stressed the importance of studying film, stopping the run, and creating turnovers. For any team looking to improve its defense, Bowles’ advice is definitely worth considering.


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