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Cape Coral City officials crackdown on contractors not licensed



Cape Coral City leaders crack down on unlicensed contractors

CAPE CORAL FL – Cape Coral City Council members state they are determined to take down unlicensed contractors.

To discuss how legal business owners can protect themselves, you will be meeting today.

They do all things, including plastering, building and installing. The Cape Coral community also allows them to advertise and even post on social media.

The city council today will consider measures including undercover stitches with Cape Coral Police Department. It also plans to discuss increased construction site inspections and changes in local permits. The city does not license local contractors. They claim that a substantial portion of their business goes to non-licensed people.

At an earlier meeting, two of the residents turned to city council. Fox 4 reports that they believe hiring contractors could put homeowners in danger.

Bryan Greenwell, who is a licensed artist, said that compromising on something like this could lead to you being caught off guard by a major storm.

Paul Barnes is a licensed handyman and said, “When they do poorly, we have hurricanes, those windows giveway, a child drowns from flying glass,”

According to Cape Coral, approximately 3200 complaints regarding permits, licenses and site reviews were investigated by the city in compliance with this code. This was 2020/2021.

The City of Cape Coral can be reached at (239) 242-3783 if you wish to report unlicensed contractors or if it is your suspicion that you have been victimized by one.

At 3 PM, today’s meeting of the city council will occur.

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