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Cape Coral homeowner disputes water bills



Cape Coral homeowner disputes water bills

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — A Southwest Florida woman called FOX 4 after noticing her water bill kept going up, even when she turned it off for days on end.

Jane Monreal, FOX 4 anchor, said Nicolina Gray, that a woman told her, “In a shop, she said to me, ‘You should call Fox 4. They have teams of investigators that investigate this stuff. They do a great job. And they really do great.” It’s going take that, I think.”

Gray stated that she does not like to waste water. Gray stated, “I just want the leak to be discovered.” Please let me know. Please help me to figure it out. If there is, then I don’t want water wasted.

Gray moved from Massachusetts to Cape Coral and purchased her Cape Coral house at the end April 2021. Gray then moved into the house May 2. She was almost immediately shocked to see her utility bill. She stated, “I haven’t been here for a month, and it was for 3400 Gallons of water, wow!” FOX 4 received a copy. Gray was charged $62 for 3400 gallons. Cape Coral Utilities charged Gray $110 for the 5600 gallon shipment. Gray is her only occupant. Crystal Clear Water has another meter that Gray claims gives her an accurate reading of her water consumption.

A representative from the city suggested that she could have a leak, or that someone was using her water. FOX 4 also reached out to the city, and was assured that a representative from utilities would investigate it. Gray claimed that the technicians from the city visited her home and confirmed that there was no leak. Gray said that she was told by technicians that there must be something else than a leak in her house.

After several correspondences with the city her meter got replaced on August 10. The city replaced her meter on August 10. She stated that her meter was not working correctly and would be charged $5 more.

Gray claimed another discrepancy when she received a utility bill for 1100gallons. Crystal Clear Water said that this is the amount an average person consumes. Gray stated, “But I wasn’t average because I was using way less than that.” I was using 500 to 800 gallons water.

Gray claimed she shouldn’t have to pay for water that she doesn’t use. Gray said that she used 1100 gallons of water. If they would like to show her what the RO system meter is wrong, she’d be happy.

Gray’s entire story is available at FOX 4 News, 10.

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