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Cape Coral man discovers a rental program through the Facebook Marketplace



Man discovers rental program on the Facebook marketplace in Cape Coral

CAPE CORAL FL – One man escaped being scammed of $ 1000 in a Cape Coral rental opportunity.

According to Cape Coral police, the fraud was first reported October 20.

Renter stated that he was searching for a place to rent via the Facebook marketplace and stumbled upon an ad that looked too good to pass up.

The Post posted a Cape Coral rental property for $ 1000 per month. However, the number was left without contact information.

He claimed that he had texted the number to receive an application form, which appeared to be fraudulent.

According to him, he finally got the locker code number that allowed him to go inside the house. He found signs from a company warning the tenants about scams within the house in his locker code.

One poster claimed that the company wouldn’t list the house for sale on Facebook, and said it had confirmed the claim of the tenant.

Tenant reported the matter to police and the owner.

According to the Better Business Bureau, it is best not to rent through social media and book through reputable companies.

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