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Centurylink testing site still has hours-long wait



Centurylink testing site still has hours-long wait

LEE COUNTY — Fox 4 is working to find out what is being done to make COVID-19 testingLee County has more options.

We went to CenturyLink testing site Thursday. These rules have been changed. You must make an appointment for testing. waitTimes were stillHours long

A line of cars that runs down Ben C. Pratt Six Mile Cypress Pkwy. It is now a common sight to those looking for Lee County tests.

According to drivers, the testing at CenturyLink Stadium was necessary for many reasons.

Elicia Medina stated, “I must be on the plane tomorrow. So I hope that the results come back soon.”

“My son-in-law is with COVID, and he was at home, so I want to be sure that I’m not with COVID,” said Lurdes Fernandez.

Fernandez, Medina, and Fernandez both told us that they are willing to do so. waitThey were unable to find an alternative option and had to be tested multiple times.

“I tried several pharmacies and found no success. has any tests,” said Fernandez.

“We’ve been trying to get appointments at like CVS and Walgreens and all those places, but it’s been full,” said Medina.

We reached out CVS and Walgreens.

CVS told us it’s trying to make at-home tests more available, saying “We’ve added a limit of six test kits per purchase.”

Walgreens told us it’s taking a similar approach, saying “We put in effect a four item purchase limit on at-home COVID-19 testing products.”

For now though, it’s not convenient and the best way to ensure that you get your test in Lee County is to use the CenturyLink Stadium line. So they tell us, they’re willing to wait.

“I want to be sure, so it doesn’t matter the time I have to be here,” said Fernandez.

Also, we reached out to the county and the CenturyLink company. siteNomi Health. We wanted to know what’s being done to make it better. wait times.

Nomi Health didn’t respond to our inquiries. The County said it would reply after Monday’s New Years Holiday.