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Close Outcome Possible in Hollywood Actors’ Contract Vote Amid Criticism Over Certain Provisions

Outcome of Hollywood actors’ contract vote could be close amid criticism over parts of deal

Hollywood actors are currently voting on a new contract that could significantly impact their future working conditions and compensation. The vote, which comes after months of negotiations between the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) union and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, is gaining attention due to the potential close outcome and criticism over certain aspects of the proposed deal.

The proposed contract and its implications

The new contract, if approved, will govern the working conditions, compensation, and other important aspects of more than 160,000 actors employed in film, television, and streaming platforms. It has been hailed as a step towards addressing long-standing issues faced by actors, including fair compensation for streaming content, improved workplace protections, and increased residuals for actors in re-runs or syndication.

Moreover, the proposed contract also includes provisions related to diversity and inclusion, aiming to create better opportunities and representation for underrepresented groups within the industry. These aspects have garnered widespread support from various sections of the entertainment community.

Criticism over streaming compensation and residual rates

However, there is a considerable amount of criticism surrounding certain aspects of the contract. One of the major points of contention is the compensation scheme for actors in streaming productions. Critics argue that the proposed deal falls short in securing fair payment for actors in this rapidly growing segment of the industry.

Streaming platforms have gained significant popularity in recent years, and actors believe that their compensation should reflect the success and profitability of these platforms. Many actors argue that the residuals and compensation offered by production companies for streaming content are considerably lower compared to those for traditional media distribution. They assert that the new contract should rectify this disparity, guaranteeing fair remuneration for actors in streaming productions.

Workplace safety and harassment protections

Another point of concern highlighted by critics of the contract is the perceived lack of adequate workplace safety and protections against harassment. While the contract includes certain provisions addressing these issues, some argue that they are not stringent enough to effectively combat instances of abuse and mistreatment within the industry.

Given the numerous revelations of harassment and misconduct that have recently come to light, many actors feel that the contract falls short in creating a truly safe and inclusive working environment. They argue for stronger measures against harassment, clearer reporting mechanisms, and more comprehensive safeguards to ensure the well-being and dignity of actors in their workplaces.

Divisions within the industry

The criticisms mentioned above have contributed to a divisive atmosphere among actors and industry professionals. While some believe that the proposed contract is a significant step forward and should be ratified, others argue that it does not go far enough to address the longstanding issues faced by actors in the entertainment industry.

Unsurprisingly, the divisions within the industry have made the outcome of the contract vote uncertain. As actors weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks of the proposed deal, it has become evident that the final decision may be a close call.

The importance of the contract vote

As Hollywood actors vote on the new contract, the outcome holds immense importance, not only for the actors themselves but also for the wider entertainment industry. The contract will shape the working conditions, compensation, and future of tens of thousands of actors, and its implications will reverberate throughout the industry.

A favorable outcome for the contract will likely be seen as a win for actors, addressing some of the long-standing grievances and ensuring fair treatment and compensation. On the other hand, if the contract is voted down, it may send a strong message to the producers and industry executives, urging them to reconsider and renegotiate certain aspects of the deal.


The outcome of the Hollywood actors’ contract vote remains uncertain. While the proposed deal encompasses some positive changes, such as improved residuals and provisions for diversity, there are significant criticisms regarding the compensation for streaming productions and the lack of adequate workplace protections.

As actors carefully consider the implications of the contract, the divisions within the industry become apparent. The outcome of the vote will shape the future of Hollywood’s working conditions and compensation, making it a pivotal moment for actors and the entire entertainment industry.


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