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Conservancy of SWFL launches a state-of the-art mobile classroom



The Conservancy of Southwest Florida’s mobile classroom features hands-on science learning tools including a high-powered microscope, a wet lab and more.

Conservancy of Southwest Florida offers hands-on science education tools through its mobile classroom, which includes a microscope, wet lab and other powerful instruments.

Conservancy of Southwest Florida announces the launch of its new mobile classroom. It is an innovative, custom-built vehicle for science education on wheels. In order to increase its environmental education outreach to Title I schools, and to reach underserved communities more effectively, the Conservancy will use their mobile classroom to supplement local after-school programs.

Alex Levine is director of environmental education at the Conservancy in Southwest Florida. “Not everyone children can visit the Conservancy campus to experience our cutting-edge tech, so our mobile classroom provides the perfect solution,” he said. With this scientific laboratory mobile, we’re excited to extend our program into Southwest Florida.

Conservancy’s mobile class offers practical, imaginative science education tools. There are many outdoor and indoor monitors. A large touch table is equipped with NOAA. “Science On a Sphere”Experience; A powerful microscope station with 4K projections; A wet laboratory for outdoor samples; Student workplaces. The vehicle can be expanded to make a classroom-sized space onboard with the press of a button.



After-school’s mobile classroom curriculum this year is focused on water. It is an issue that touches every area of Southwest Florida life. The Conservancy’s 40-year-old research on sea turtle life has led to students becoming immersed in plankton discovery and learning about pollution.

Jay Baker and Patty Baker, donors in Naples said that they were pleased to see the “richness” of Florida’s forests and waterways being shared with more communities via the mobile classroom.

Together with generous donors and the Bakers, they have made a significant contribution to this fund. “Magic Under the Mangroves” fundraising campaign

The Conservancy purchased its first mobile classroom in 2018 with $400,000 of additional funding. Additionally, additional funds from the Community Foundation of Collier County and Naples Children and Education Foundations (NCEF), Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation and Stranahan Foundation were used to purchase and operate the new mobile classroom.

Maria Jimenez Lara (Executive Director of NCEF) stated that the grant will be used to build a mobile classroom for the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. This will allow kids to learn about Southwest Florida’s ecosystems and explore them in innovative, new ways. “This program will be especially helpful to students in rural areas and those from low-income families that lack the resources, expertise and technology necessary for student-centered STEM education.”

In the Conservancy’s Environmental Education Program, the Conservancy will launch the Mobile Classroom in its pilot year. This will allow the Conservancy to work with local agencies, organizations, and other educational programs. When the program launches, it will also be available in in-school. The Mobile Classroom will be performing at various events and locations throughout the year, in addition to its school-related activities.

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida, a non-profit environmental preservation organization, has a history of over 57 years focusing on issues that affect the land and water resources of the Counties Collier Lee, Charlotte and Hendry. Visit to learn more about what the Conservancy does, and how you can help improve the quality of your life in Southwest Florida. |

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