Deputies rescue dog trapped in hot car for eight hours

Deputies rescue dog trapped in hot car for eight hours

HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. – Deputies in Hernando County came to the rescue of a dog that was left in a hot car for at least eight hours last Saturday.

A call came into the Sheriff’s Office after an individual noticed the dog had been in the vehicle from at least 2:00pm to 10:00pm. All windows in the vehicle were closed with the exception of the driver’s side window which was slightly cracked open.

During that time, temperatures reached up to 95 degrees.

Deputies were able to retrieve the dog from the vehicle through a damaged window that was sealed with plastic sheeting. Animal Enforcement Officers also responded and took custody of the dog.

The owner of the vehicle, Amy Sitaro, returned to the scene following the arrival of law enforcement. She informed deputies that she left the dog in the vehicle around 2:00pm to assist her boyfriend for doing deliveries for a food delivery service.

A warrant for her arrest on the charge of Animal Cruelty is forthcoming.

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