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Do I have the right to receive medical treatment at my home?



Community members can be treated at home for injuries and illnesses such as the flu, cuts and lacerations that require stitching, sinus infections, strep, minor fractures, sprains and strains, and many other conditions that are often treated in emergency situations.

The following:Because of COVID-19 I have to keep my house and family safe. What service is available that I can use to access basic medical care in the privacy of my own house?

A: Yes sir. Lee Health has recently launched a mobile health service to serve the community of Lee County. This service will be provided by DispatchHealth, a nationally recognized provider of home health care.

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For minor injuries, illnesses and other ailments, community members may be treated at their home. This includes cuts, lacerations and stitches, the flu, sinus infections, strep and minor fractures.

DispatchHealth’s Onboarding Team will confirm your appointment and let you know that it is not an urgent situation. Once you request an appointment, DispatchHealth will schedule a visit and arrive in a matter of hours to take care of any injury or illness.

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This team can also update you doctor and pull your prescriptions up.

Patients are charged for their insurance. Each patient will be charged for the visit. Prices vary depending on what level and coverage they have. Medicare beneficiaries pay approximately $ 27, while patients on commercial insurance will pay about $ 44.

Patients can request treatment by visiting the DispatchHealth website,, with no referral required.

Kris Fay serves as chief officer at Lee Health, responsible for providing community and hospital services.

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