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Englewood dog saved by man



Man saves dog from drowning in Englewood

ENGLEWOOD, Fla. — One boater jumped into a canoe to rescue a nearly drowning dog on Friday at Chadwick Pier at Englewood Park.

Nick Calitri said he noticed the dog was bleeding because he was standing on barnacles. 

“I just knew that he needed to be saved,”Calitri.

He said the boat had no way for the dog to get back in it, and the owner wasn’t home.

“It’s probably about five feet above the waterline so once he was down, there’s nothing to get back up on,”Calitri.

Luckily, with the help of a neighbor, he was able to save the dog, but he’s scared it’s going to happen again.

“What’s gonna stop it from happening again and maybe I’m not there next time. Maybe it just drowns, unfortunately, and it’ll be extremely sad,”Calitri.

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