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Exciting Preseason Finale: Chiefs Edge Out Browns with a 33-32 Final Score

Final score: Chiefs top Browns 33-32 in exciting preseason finale

The preseason finale between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cleveland Browns turned out to be a rollercoaster of emotions for both teams. In an exhilarating game that witnessed numerous lead changes and last-minute drama, the Chiefs emerged victorious with a thrilling 33-32 victory over the Browns. This matchup served as a perfect example of the unpredictable nature of preseason games, where rookies and backup players get the spotlight to showcase their skills and fight for a spot on the final roster.

A back-and-forth battle

Right from the kickoff, both teams showed a remarkable level of intensity and determination. The Browns, led by their young quarterback, displayed an impressive offensive performance. They quickly jumped out to an early lead, capitalizing on the Chiefs’ defensive struggles. However, the Browns’ vulnerable secondary allowed the Chiefs to counter with a series of long passes, putting up points on the scoreboard.

The rise of the rookies

One of the highlights of this preseason finale was the outstanding performances of the rookies on both teams. The Chiefs’ rookie running back made his presence felt, showcasing his exceptional speed and agility, which kept the Browns’ defense on their toes throughout the game. On the other hand, the Browns’ rookie wide receiver displayed incredible hands and route-running skills, making several crucial catches to keep his team in the game.

A game of turning points

As the game progressed, it became evident that both teams were determined to give their all in their final opportunity to impress the coaching staff and secure a spot on the roster. The momentum kept shifting between the two teams, with each side capitalizing on turnovers and costly mistakes. The crowd was on their feet as the game headed towards an exhilarating climax.

The game-winning drive

With the score tied in the final minutes of the fourth quarter, the Chiefs’ offense took the field with a chance to secure the win. The backup quarterback calmly orchestrated a methodical drive, completing several crucial passes and converting key third-down conversions. The Browns’ defense, under immense pressure, struggled to contain the Chiefs’ offense. Finally, with only seconds remaining on the clock, the Chiefs’ kicker confidently stepped up and nailed the game-winning field goal, sending the crowd into raptures.

A moral victory for the Browns

Although the Browns narrowly missed out on a victory, they can walk away from this game with their heads held high. Despite being underdogs, they put up a valiant fight against one of the strongest teams in the league. The display of their rookies and the resilience shown by their entire squad highlighted the progress they have made throughout the preseason. This loss, albeit disappointing, serves as a glimmer of hope for the team and their fans, providing a glimpse of what they might achieve in the upcoming regular season.


In a captivating preseason finale, the Kansas City Chiefs topped the Cleveland Browns in a nail-biting encounter. The game showcased the excitement and unpredictability that makes preseason football so enticing. With both teams fighting tooth and nail, rookies rising to the occasion, and numerous lead changes, the crowd was treated to an unforgettable spectacle. While the preseason may not count toward the official win-loss record, it serves as a critical evaluation period for coaches, players, and fans alike. The Chiefs’ victory and the Browns’ valiant effort have left a lasting impression, building anticipation and setting the stage for an intriguing regular season ahead.


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