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Fernandez’s family is seeking 6 Dalmatian puppies that have been lost.



The Fernandez family is looking for their 6 missing Dalmatian puppies

CAPE CORAL, Florida — Imagine waking up and realizing that your beloved animal has been stolen.

Mercedes Fernandez stated, “I went and slept with Pepper in my bedroom.” “I went to their playpen. They were gone.”

Mercedes Fernandez had six times as much heartbreak after realizing her Dalmatian puppies weren’t there.

Fernandez believes that the dog-owners took them in exchange for their price tags.

Do you have any idea how valuable her children might be?

Fernandez stated, “I would estimate $1500 each.”

1500 dollars.

That would mean that Fernandez had 9,000 dollar’s worth dogs stolen from her house.

These dogs are more than just dollars to her.

Fernandez said, “I am heartbroken by this.” “I’ve been sleeping a lot lately. It’s been a constant struggle to think about ways we can safely get the kids home.

It is not the first time that puppies have disappeared from this region in the past week.

Two streets away, two bulldog puppies were taken from their home.

Mullen stated that both cases were under investigation but do not seem to be connected.

Master Corporal Phil Mullen from the Cape Coral police said he already has information that could help officers find where these Dalmatians may be.

Mullen said, “We are searching for suspects.

Fernandez’s family only wants to reunite and be with their babies.

Fernandez said, “We want them home safely with their mothers and their families.”

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