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FGCU increases Michael Fly’s contract for men’s basketball coaching by 2 years



FGCU head coach Michael Fly speaks to players during a time out during a men's basketball game between FGCU and Stetson that took place at Alico Arena on Friday, January 29, 2021. FGCU beat Stetson 64-63.

Ken Kavanagh, FGCU athletic director, is hopeful about the direction of the men’s basket program.

There are enough years left to allow Michael Fly to continue his coaching career. Fly has three more years to go, which means he has a record career of 34-48.

On Tuesday, the Eagles trained and will begin their regular season against Florida National. Andy Enfield, Dunk City’s architect and coach of the Eagles, will be hosting USC on November 16.

Fly took over as head coach when Joe Dooley moved to East Carolina following the 2017/18 season. He had been an assistant for seven years, including the signature 2012–13 Dunk City season when the Eagles became the first 15th seeded player to reach the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA tournament.

Recovering top player:Caleb Catto, Senior is recuperating from an offseason hip replacement

Large transferKevin Samuel is helped by the great work of FGCU men.

Guideline of the ASUNASUN issues an ASUN policy which states that COVID-19 cancellations will be considered losses

Kavanagh said that the contract extension was in his favor. He was able build the program in a way that allowed me to look back at our overall performance, including our grade point average.

Fly stated, “I am obviously happy to remain here for the long-term. We hope.” “… We all feel, particularly the returning FGCU students, that last season’s performance was not up to our standards.

“We felt that our season was ruined due to two COVID shutdowns. It is not our fault.

FGCU head coach Michael Fly speaks to players during a time out during a men's basketball game between FGCU and Stetson that took place at Alico Arena on Friday, January 29, 2021. FGCU beat Stetson 64-63.

Fly’s contract originally began in 2018 and paid him $ 225,000 each season. Kavanagh explained that the current contract only has a modest increase to $ 22,8,375 and does not include any consideration for a new vehicle or awards.

Last season, FGCU won at Power 5 School Miami. It was 5-2. On Nov. 5, 6 and 7, the Eagles beat North Alabama to take first place in their league. To reach 4-4 at ASUN, February They were again sidelined by another COVID-19 issue for two more weeks. Their performance at the ASUN tournament was also affected by another positive test.

Fly stated, “All things considered, I felt really proud of the program last year despite having to deal with two shut downs.” “To be able to set a winning record, to beat a Power 5 program for the first time on the road. After two weeks’ training we could play really well.

“To be honest, I was really encouraged from a leadership standpoint with Ken and our program.

Kavanagh didn’t believe that Fly would be able to shut down during a decision on an extension.

Kavanagh said that “the last year with COVID was a difficult one.” “If you look back on the season, we won in Miami – the first time we won on a Power 5 on the road. Preseason favourite Lipscomb was defeated in only two of the three matches.

“We ran out bodies, and every time we had two week off. Look at COVID exposures by national teams. Even the best teams had to compete for the next week.

FGCU head coach Michael Fly speaks to his players during a time out during the FGCU men's basketball season opener against Florida A&M at the Alico Arena at the FGCU in Fort Myers on Wednesday, November 25, 2020. FGCU beat Florida A&M 65-56 .

Fly encouraged Dunk City to return when he was first hired. However, that did not happen as a result of the results. Fly’s first 2018/19 season saw the Eagles go 14-18, 9-7 in ASUN and 11-14 overall.

Transferring players between programs is a common trend. However, FGCU transferred 19 players in the three years Fly was coach.

They have not made a significant impact on their destinations, except for Zach Johnson who was a FGCU player and wanted to transfer as a graduate student at the University of Miami. Four of the four transfers were from the last season and had already been eligible for NCAA eligibility. Fly, however, had stated that if they had lost their eligibility, then it wouldn’t be possible to play at the FGCU.

There are however realistic expectations.

Cyrus Largie (Starting), Caleb Catto and Dakota Rivers are back with the Eagles. Point guard Luis Rolon was sidelined for much of last season after undergoing knee surgery. Victor Rosa, Franco Miller Jr., and Zach Anderson, the strikers are back.

The Horned Frogs have a host of transfer players, including a 6-foot-11 TCU Transfer Kevin Samuel. Tulsa’s forward Austin Richie, Carlos Rosario (McNeese), and Western Carolina guards Tavian Duncan-Martin (Duquesne), and Matt Halvorsen(Western Carolina) made offseason moves. Meanwhile, Richmond’s transfer Andre Weir has four years remaining in his entitlement.

Fly said, “That is our expectation that we’ll continue to expand the program.”

Kavanagh stated that “the hope is there we are, and we can continue being successful.” He has a great core of veterans and new players. The year ahead is something we are excited about.

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