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FGCU Women Drop the 1-0 Decision at Home in Florida



The University of Florida women's soccer team defeated the FGCU 1-0 on Sunday, September 5, 2021 at Pickering Field in the FGCU Soccer Complex. It was the first time the Gators played at the FGCU, and Florida hit its record 7 -0 against the eagles.

University of Florida had the lowest number of goals ever scored by the women’s soccer team at FGCU.

However, one was enough. Alivia Gonzalez from the Gators won the 54th

Tony Amato (Florence freshman coach), said that he thought the team did a great job and celebrated his maiden victory after returning from Arizona. “We got one more day off than FGCU on both the days we were on the road as well as Sunday, so the team fought it through and found a way win. Despite some weather issues and delays it is a step in the right direction.

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FGCU (3-3) faced the Gators at their home for the first game. They had previously lost six games in Gainesville, three of which were in the NCAA Tournament, by a total score of 20-1.

They came out on fire and only missed a few golden chances to score their second goal in the match against the Gators. They couldn’t score and Florida won the second half. FGCU had controlled the first 45 minutes of the match in a game that was goalless.

Gonzalez scored with the Gators (1-1-1). They simply beat down the Eagles and led them to Gonzalez’s goal. After being stopped on just three shots for the first 45 minutes, Florida beat FGCU 12-6 at halftime.

Jim Blankenship, FGCU’s coach said that they started relegating the team and giving them more time to play. “They did a great job. They learned quickly. They were able to change their midfield. The hard part was over. It was easy to put on pressure, get to the 50/50 and do it. We did well. “The second half was tough.” This was the hardest part of the game. It was difficult to let go of the goal, and to just watch it again.

It was played during two very long, heavy rains at the beginning and end of each period.

Gonzalez, who was a junior, had an assist during the Florida state loss. It happened during one those rains.

“It had been raining and the ground became slippery. Gonzalez shared his knowledge with UF Sports Information. Gonzalez said that he knew everything on the ground would bounce back and go in. Nicole (Vernis), had the ball in her middle, and I asked for it. “She passed the ball and I attempted to make it fall as hard as possible.”

Amato said, “I feel we created some volume chances today and it seemed like one of them might find the net.” She did an excellent job, she was hard at it and got by the goalkeeper.

Florida was able to withstand the initial assault by the FGCU with a lightning delay lasting just six minutes and lasting over an hour.

The Gators scored the second goal and the Eagles failed to create quality opportunities after that. Malaya Melancon was a FBA graduate and Kara Kyramarios’ final minute shot went right to Alexa Goldberg, UF goalkeeper. Louise Lillback (the Eagles’ highest scorer) was saved by Alexa Goldberg in one sweep.

Blankenship stated that “we got into a transformation phase in the first half.” Blankenship said, “We gave up on what was working.”

Here are 3 tips for gators

1. Florida was victorious. Four losses were suffered by the Gators, including a loss at No. Amato took the win over legendary coach Becky Burleigh after Thursday’s game at No. 1 Florida State.

Amato said, “We are happy to be on the board.” “We must take our first victory. Although we wish that it would have happened sooner in the year, we are making progress.

2. This delayed response helped the Gators adapt to Eagles activities, which allowed them to seize these first opportunities.

Amato stated, “From then on I thought that we looked a lot more positive.” We made adjustments during the weather delay, and it seemed to work in the second half.

3. Florida was dominant in the second half. The Gators won and narrowed down the Eagles’ chances of winning the game.

Amato stated, “I think our offensive players did an excellent job creating chances. Our defense and goalkeeper did well keeping the shutout on.”

Three food stands for the eagles

1. FGCU is making progress. Blankenship believed that his team displayed the potential to be better after their loss to NCAA Division II Lynn by 2-0.

Blankenship said, “We’re our greatest enemy right now.” Blankenship said, “If we play as we are able to, we can stay consistent for 90 minutes. That’s very good. We leave goals where they hit the post and don’t go in.

2. It was crucial that the Eagles had an opportunity to play as soon as possible. Florida was in serious trouble and lost to Florida State, a rival state. A quick goal would have helped lift the Eagles and discouraged the Gators.

Blankesnhip stated, “We put so much pressure upon ourselves.” “We missed three great chances. We missed a rebound but hit a goalpost. Our goalkeeper saves us tremendously.

Amato stated, “We certainly had the feeling that a goal could be scored there early.” Sometimes you just need to have a little luck when things don’t work out.

3. There is no time to waste. FGCU must play the No. 1 Seminoles at Home, Thursday 7:07pm

“We’re getting better,” said Blankenship. Blankenship stated that the conference is being prepared for with a difficult schedule.

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