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Firmo Construction opens an additional office location in Fort Myers



Firmo Construction Opens Additional Office Location in Fort Myers

Firmo Construction is a Sarasota-based commercial construction management company. It has opened a downtown Fort Myers office to expand its business in Southwest Florida. Firmo’s new office is located in the historic Earnhardt building on First Street in the River District of downtown Fort Myers. The commercial construction management firm began operations almost 20 years ago in downtown Sarasota, and has since expanded its reach across Florida’s Gulf Coast, working on projects from Tampa Bay all the way to Fort Myers and Naples. Firmo will keep its Sarasota headquarters. 


Along with an additional location, Firmo has also hired business development manager Jerry Miller, who’s focus will be on strategic growth and client outreach in the area. Miller, a Fort Myers native, is also a member of the Fort Myers Economic Development Advisory panel and collaborates on urban revitalization projects with city staff.

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