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For Friday October 22, 2021, letters to the Editor



Editorial cartoon

Patricca’s track record is impeccable

This is my support for Chris Patricca’s call to resign.

The Lee County School District and its students would be disappointed if they lost such a dedicated, bright, hardworking individual.

See the whole record of Lee Schools improvement and progress during the time she was on the board. Lee County has been able to assist the nation through provisioning to address the COVID crisis. This includes the funding of Wi-Fi hotspots and computers to aid and guide, as well as the half-penny tax they fought for. She has been vocal in her campaign for better technical school facilities and safety, as well as respecting minorities, following biased remarks from a local entrepreneur. Lee County’s number of poor or failing schools dropped from 23 percent to 0.

Most of the members bring teaching experiences to the board, but Patricca uses her legal and business skills to balance the business’ $ 2 billion budget.

Patricca’s latest comments were not kind, however they aren’t representative of the whole of her heart. They don’t represent her dedication to Lee County and her belief that everyone is worthy. It is important for the community that they focus on each person, and how it can bring calm, rational values to any divided board.

Rosemary McBride, Estero

Patricca more than a show

Chris Patricca has resigned from the Lee County Schools Board. You should carefully examine and reflect on your comments. However, as someone who is familiar with her life, I can tell that there’s so much more to her than the episode.

Chris, despite being attacked by others in the community about their motives and other board members for the past three-years, has always remained professional. Even a casual board member will be able to see this. They then blame Chris for igniting discontent. While they complain about dysfunction in the board, these members do not take responsibility for their actions and words. Chris did not publicly insult, berate, or accuse any board member, despite being unprofessionally and unethically beat in every meeting.

This minority is not representative of the District 3 voters that they were elected to in 2020 due to their tireless dedication for Lee County’s children.

Don’t let bullying bring down an intelligent, conscientious, honest, committed, hardworking member of the school board.

Cathy Horne, Estero

Federal dollars and students

According to The News-Press, students were urged to apply quickly for student loans. The federal government has 150 billion dollars and you must apply for student loans quickly. Otherwise, the deadline will be missed.

In the interim, President Obama is urging Congress to approve a law that would allow existing student loans to be extended for many reasons.

This is interesting, to put it mildly.

Clyde Berger, Fort Myers

Our lives are being destroyed by the politicization COVID

When was mandatory vaccinations a political issue? This country is currently experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic. In total, more than 700,000. Americans have died. Three vaccines have been developed thanks to medical advances and the dedication of scientists. American creativity and government support have enabled vaccines to be readily made available, and many millions of Americans have been immunized.

The epidemic could be stopped if everyone were vaccinated. However, 25% of Americans still refuse to get vaccines and the virus is spreading around the world. Many companies and the government have made vaccinations compulsory to end this terrible disease. Some people, including many Republican governors made the issue of vaccination political.

DeSantis, our governor, leads the irresponsible. He compared Australia to communist China at the Latin Builders Association Awards ceremony. The government has been imposing strict measures against COVID.

Florida’s population is 22 million, Australia 26, million. Yet, just 1,531 Australians have died from COVID-19 as of October 17 ( Over 57,000 Floridians also died during the same time (Orlando Weekly, 10/11/21).

Are we making DeSantis president? It could be his slogan: “Live freely and die!”

Aaron Knott, Naples

Editorial cartoon

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