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For Sunday October 24, 2021, letters to the Editor



Editorial cartoon

Ex-Republicans: Are You Sorry?

Each and every one of these Republicans who voted in Joe Biden’s favor, and then switched to the Republican party, deserves my admiration. Southwest Florida seems to have become an outpost of Democrats in the Closet. However, with the right choice, they made the right decision.

All of the old bumper stickers from “I Like Ike”, were thrown away, along with all their Gerald Ford SNL clips. Bush 1 and Bush 2 went in the book basket. They vomited, took down all the Trump flags and smashed the Trump coffee cups. Then they lingered in the safety of Clinton, Obama, and Biden. It feels great to be right on the side of the story.

However, if the lights dimmed it says that it is late thirty so it won’t be Sgt. Are you aware that Bilko, Mary Tyler Moore and others are watching you on television? It’s not like you meant to see skyrockets in gasoline and meat prices. You probably also didn’t vote against the incompetence displayed by Psaki, Milley and Garland.

You did it. The police have retired, the first responders and nurses are on the eject list, as are doctors, nurses, doctor and other hospital workers. School systems are becoming more tolerant of division, hate, and racism. Good work. I can’t wait to hear who you choose for the next election.

Jack Holt, Cape Coral

Trumpism can be a cult

It is important to note that there are many differences between sects and political movements.

Realistic philosophies are part of political movements that can be discussed in civil discourse.

Cults are dangerously magical, conspiratorial and often sparked by charismatic charlatans that have no foundation in reality. Therefore they cannot be discussed in civil discourse.

Trumpism can be described as a cult and not a political movement.

G. Wilson, Naples

Democrats should vote in order to prevent disaster

According to me, Democrats are losing enthusiasm about the 22nd presidential election. You may find my thoughts as astonished. An American disaster will result from the Republican Party as it stands today. Every American, regardless of political leanings, should go to the polls to send a message to any party willing to lose our democracy in the pursuit for power. But Democrats? Are you amused? It’s a joke.

All eligible Democrats who are able to walk and stand must vote. This is what we have to do. We are Democrats not because of our political affiliation, but because this is the most crucial time in American history. Why not? Who if not us? Democrats are not happy? It must be you who are joking with me.

Geremy Spampinato (Naples)

Telemarketing: Avoidance

Are you tired of receiving telemarketing calls on your phone?

This is what I discovered. Make your phone ring at least four to five times each time it rings. It is likely that the caller was a telemarketer. Callers can leave voice messages if they feel it is urgent. This saves me around 80 percent of my telephone time.

Willis Smith Fort Myers

You can save a life by getting vaccinated

We would all love to save lives if we had the chance. Many are still able to get COVID-19 vaccines, even if they haven’t yet.

It is more infectious and may cause serious illness. Some pediatric intensive care units can be overwhelmed.

According to some, the COVID-19 flames are fed by the undergrowth. The collateral damage is caused by the vaccined.

Immunodeficiency is a condition that has a weak immune system, and reduced resistance to infections.

Immunocompromised can be caused by many medical conditions. Nearly any serious, long-lasting illness or condition can cause immunodeficiency. The immune system loses its effectiveness with age.

A short list of diseases can make it more likely that you will become seriously ill, and even die from COVID-19.

A second misconception is that COVID-19 vaccines pose greater danger to one’s well-being than COVID-19.

Dr. Allen Malnak, MD, Bonita Springs

Editorial cartoon

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