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For Thursday, October 21, 2021, letters to the Editor



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Support domestic violence survivors

Each year, the Legal Aid Service of Collier County assists hundreds of survivors of domestic violence and abused children. They offer their services free of charge to all recipients. All residents of Collier County are eligible to receive LASCC injunctions protecting survivors, regardless their income and wealth.

Collier County needed me to do something. So I created the Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence 5K Race. Our aim is to raise awareness about local resources for those affected by domestic violence. Legal Aid’s domestic abuse department will be the beneficiary of all race proceeds. If survivors are able to find help and have the will to do so, they need to be assured that they will not be judged and marginalized if they seek it. I know most of the LASCC domestic abuse lawyers and they have been a great help to me.

Take a stand against domestic violence 5K race on October 23rd in Naples at Sugden Regional Park. This will raise awareness and help victims. Visit or call (239) 298-8138 for more information.

Tina Nash, Marco Island

It is unfair to criticize school board members

Chris Patricca is being called out by school council members. She is worried about how principals and teachers are dealing with students arriving from Guatemala. The students are not cruel or degrading, she says.

Many people will be shocked and amazed to learn that we have different life styles than theirs. It is a difficult task to get a student with a 3rd grade diploma into high school.

It is important to thank teachers and principals of schools for their efforts in training and hosting these students. Not criticize and ask them to resign.

Dwight Sedgwick North Fort Myers

Is the name changing over?

The story is distorted by the political correctness of changing Lee Count’s surname. Progressive groups are attracted to the tactic of changing offensive circle names and images, and pretending to be victims.

Is it time to stop changing street names and schools named after Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy were philanderers.

The act of erasing the past prevents us from remembering, and makes sure that we don’t repeat long-standing injustices.

Lou Walker Cape Coral

Theatre group to protect health

Finally, we were able to visit the Fort Myers theater, Florida Rep. It was a great experience. The theater asked us to show proof of immunization or to have a negative COVID test. We also had to put on a mask. This was a fun way to enjoy theater once again.

It appears now that the Florida Department of Health has begun an investigation into the Florida agent. This is to investigate the Florida agency’s crime of protecting actors and clients. The theater company could be fined $ 5,000 for having imposed a mandatory vaccination.

This theater company has the right to make sure that their guests and actors are safe so they can continue with their show. We support them in this.

DeSantis is clearly not thinking of our best interests. It is done by the Florida representative. This business decision should be made by the state of Florida.

Jeanne Diley, Naples

A visit to the Peace River Garden is well-worth it

When entertaining guests from abroad, I try my best to discover something different. The Peace River Botanical and Sculpture Garden, Punta Gorda was a beautiful new location that I visited recently. They have beautiful gardens with lifelike sculptures. We were able to have a short-notice lecturer guide our tour. This really enhanced the experience. The gardens are a great place to visit if your guests want to be impressed by the attractions nearby or for personal enjoyment.

Linda Dravin, Estero

Was there a male role in the pregnancy process?

To get pregnant, you need two women.

What happens if a state demands that all women who become pregnant are pregnant? After nine months of gestation, those 18 years old are responsible to the development and financial support of the child’s physical, psychological, and spiritual growth.

What do the authorities ask for from every man partner?

Mary Schell in Naples

Editorial cartoon

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