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For Weekend Vacations in SWFL, Dolphin and Shelling Cruises



Dolphin and Shelling Cruises for Weekend Vacation in SWFL

FORT MYERS BEACH (Florida) – Looking for something to do this weekend? There are safe ways to go out on the water with your friends and family in Southwest Florida.

Island Time Cruises is a boating company that offers fun and safe sailing from Fort Myers Beach.

Private charters offer close-up shelling and dolphin trips along the coast.

Small groups can safely visit parts of SWFL which are not accessible by boats.

They are happy to get out. They can jump with dolphins, see manatees and go on an island to spend the day. The dolphins are thrilled because they don’t have to worry about being caged. Island Time Cruises owner Captain Jessica DeGraw said that getting out and about in the ocean is a great activity.

You can click here for more information about Island Time Dolphin Cruises and Shelling Cruises.

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