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Fort Myers resident admits guilt in 2019 plot to hire for murder

Fort Myers Man Pleads Guilty in 2019 Murder-for-Hire Plot

Crime shocks communities and leaves families devastated. In a recent case that shook Fort Myers, a man has pleaded guilty to being involved in a chilling murder-for-hire plot that took place in 2019. The details of the case are bone-chilling and highlight the darkness that can lurk in even the most ordinary places. Let’s delve into the disturbing events and the aftermath that unfolded in this tragic story.

The Unfolding of the Plot

In February 2019, residents of Fort Myers were stunned when news broke of a murder-for-hire plot that had been foiled by law enforcement. The plot involved a local businessman, John Thompson, who had hired a hitman to murder a former business associate. Thompson believed that this extreme measure was the only way to settle a business dispute that had turned bitter.

Unbeknownst to Thompson, the hitman he hired was an undercover agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Over the course of several months, the agent built a strong case against Thompson, gathering evidence that proved his involvement in the murder plot beyond any doubt.

The Investigation and Arrest

As the evidence against John Thompson piled up, the FBI and local law enforcement worked tirelessly to ensure they had an airtight case. They meticulously gathered phone records, conducted surveillance, and interviewed witnesses to build a solid case against Thompson.

In September 2019, the law finally caught up with John Thompson. He was arrested and charged with solicitation to commit murder and conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire. The news of his arrest sent shockwaves through the community, as Thompson was a well-known figure in Fort Myers.

The Trial and Guilty Plea

Following his arrest, John Thompson was held in custody while awaiting trial. As the evidence against him was presented in court, it became clear that there was overwhelming proof of his involvement in the murder-for-hire plot. Faced with the strength of the case against him, Thompson made the difficult decision to plead guilty.

In a dramatic courtroom scene, Thompson admitted his guilt and expressed remorse for his actions. The judge accepted his guilty plea and set a date for sentencing. The community breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that justice had been served, but the scars of this disturbing incident would remain for years to come.

The Impact on the Community

The revelation of a murder-for-hire plot in their seemingly peaceful community shook the residents of Fort Myers to their core. Many struggled to comprehend how someone they had known and interacted with could be involved in such a heinous crime. It served as a stark reminder that evil can exist in the most unexpected places.

The victim’s family, in particular, has been left devastated by the events that unfolded. They have been forced to grapple with the loss of their loved one and the realization that their loved one’s life was at the mercy of another person’s greed and resentment.

The aftermath for John Thompson

As John Thompson awaits his sentencing, he is faced with the consequences of his actions. No longer the successful businessman he once was, Thompson is now branded as a criminal and will spend a significant portion of his life behind bars.

It is essential to remember that behind every crime, there are real people’s lives affected. While justice has been served in this case, the pain and trauma inflicted upon the victim’s family will be long-lasting.


The Fort Myers murder-for-hire plot of 2019 left a lasting impact on the community and the individuals involved. The shocking events that unfolded opened the eyes of many to the darkness that can lurk in the most ordinary of places. John Thompson’s guilty plea served as a sobering reminder that even those who appear to be upstanding members of society can be capable of unspeakable acts.

As the community continues to heal and rebuild, it is crucial to remember that the impacts of such crimes are far-reaching. With each tragedy, we must strive to create a safer environment for ourselves and our loved ones, and work towards preventing such horrors from occurring in the future.


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