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Fort Myers

Fort Myers Road: Pedestrians killed by cars



A pedestrian died after being hit by a car while lying on the street in Fort Myers on Friday night, Florida Highway Patrol reports.

Florida Highway Patrol reported that a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle while lying down on the streets of Fort Myers, Florida on Friday night.

Unidentified men were lying in Pine Ridge Road’s north lane south of MacGregor, according to Soldiers. A car from Fort Myers was driving them when they struck him.

At the scene, the pedestrian was declared dead.

You can find:Police are searching for the Cape Coral driver who hurt a child.

Policing:The body of a cyclist lay for several hours in Cape Coral ditch before it was discovered by the caller.

According to Florida Highway Patrol records, this fatality is at most the 85th such death in Lee County by 2021.

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