Fox News Sports Huddle Newsletter: Week 11 Begins with Harbaugh Ban and Lions Star’s Unique McDonald’s Combo

Fox News Sports Huddle Newsletter: Harbaugh ban kicks off Week 11, wild McDonald’s combo for Lions star

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Fox News Sports Huddle Newsletter! In this action-packed week 11, we have witnessed some mind-blowing moments and controversial decisions. From the ban hanged upon Jim Harbaugh to an intriguing McDonald’s combo for a Lions star, the sports world has been buzzing with excitement. So, let’s dive into the highlights!

Harbaugh ban: A puzzling call

The first headline of the week was undoubtedly the ban imposed on Jim Harbaugh, head coach of the Michigan Wolverines. This move has left fans scratching their heads worldwide. Despite leading his team to several successful seasons, Harbaugh has been temporarily sidelined by the league due to a supposed violation of coaching conduct. The decision has sparked debates among football enthusiasts, questioning the validity and fairness of such a severe punishment.

McDonald’s combo: A winning fuel for Lions star

In a quirky turn of events, Detroit Lions’ star wide receiver, Calvin Johnson, revealed a unique dietary secret that he credits for his success on the field. The six-foot-five powerhouse has sworn by a special McDonald’s combo before every game. Johnson claims that the combination of a Big Mac, fries, and a milkshake somehow grants him superhuman abilities. Whether it’s the calories or some sort of secret sauce, his performance speaks for itself!

Week 11 highlights

It wouldn’t be a sports newsletter without a rundown of the most exhilarating moments from the games. Week 11 did not disappoint, providing fans with heart-stopping plays and unexpected upsets. From last-second field goals to astonishing catches, the NFL brought its A-game. There were no shortage of thrilling encounters that left fans on the edge of their seats.

Player spotlights

Aside from Harbaugh’s ban and Johnson’s unconventional meal choice, there were remarkable performances by individual players that deserve recognition. Let’s shine a spotlight on some of the standouts from this week:

1. Patrick Mahomes

The Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback continues to dazzle football enthusiasts with his incredible talent. Mahomes engineered a comeback victory against their rival team, showcasing his exceptional throwing accuracy and ability to read defenses. He is undoubtedly one of the league’s brightest stars.

2. Derrick Henry

Tennessee Titans’ running back, Derrick Henry, displayed pure domination on the field in Week 11. With his robust physique and remarkable speed, Henry bulldozed through opposing defenses, leaving defenders in his wake. His performance included multiple touchdowns and a highlight reel of awe-inspiring runs.

Turnovers and fumbles

While there were many superb displays of athleticism, Week 11 also had its fair share of mishaps. Turnovers and fumbles plagued some teams, causing heartbreaking losses and pivotal momentum shifts. These mistakes serve as a stark reminder that even the most talented athletes are not immune to errors under pressure.

Battle for the playoffs intensifies

As the season progresses, the battle for playoff spots becomes increasingly fierce. Week 11 showcased several teams fighting tooth and nail to secure their positions in the postseason. From underdog stories to heated rivalries, football fans witnessed the high stakes encounters that make the sport so thrilling. The next few weeks promise to be exhilarating as teams give their all to ensure a chance at glory.


Week 11 of the NFL season has provided us with captivating storylines and enthralling moments. From the controversial ban of Jim Harbaugh to the surprising McDonald’s combo of Calvin Johnson, the headlines have given sports enthusiasts much to discuss. Alongside individual player spotlights and intense battles on the field, the stage is set for an exciting road to the playoffs. As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming weeks, the Fox News Sports Huddle Newsletter will continue to bring you the latest updates and insights from the world of sports.


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