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Here are some interesting facts about the Naples International Film Festival, October 2010.



Participants see a demonstration of

The 2020 Naples International Film Festival (NIFF), despite having to dodge and maneuver around the COVID-19 restrictions, has taken some new elegant steps. It announced Wednesday that participants will be able to see one at the festival in 2021.

The Norris Garden Plaza outdoor film screenings between Hayes Hall & The Baker Museum has been so successful that it is returning October 21-24. A refreshment station is available for outdoor movies on Saturday and Friday evenings.

David Filner (Executive Vice President Artistic Operations at Artis-Neaples), said that the festival was an “outdoor movie experience” and that it had been a great success. The festival’s Naples component is “being outside, watching a movie in the autumn evening” according to Filner.

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Even a moonlight VIP evening party is held after the film’s opening on October 21st. It will take place on the Baker Museum’s third-floor rooftop terrace. Hayes Hall hosts the red carpet closing ceremony as well as film and closing award ceremonies.

Participants see a demonstration of

NIFF, the near-post pandemic NIFF, will not use its virtual screening method. 2020 guests purchased “tickets” in order to view movies within their homes.

“We’re really going full steam ahead into the first-person experience that makes film festivals such a unique experience in the first place, for the esprit de corps we have when we all watch a film together in the same place instead of ours Couch when I watch it on an iPad or on TV, He said that attendees were most impressed by the chance to view some films, both virtual and real. They also enjoyed being able to watch them on the large screen together with other people.Filner said.

Most of the feedback from attendees, he added, was that “People really appreciated that there was the opportunity to see some of these films that we were showing virtually, see them together on the big screen, with a great one Sound system and with other people. ‘ “

This film festival celebrates the return of live theatre with an old 1985 movie favorite and a live soundtrack. Michael J. stars in “Back to the Future.” Robert Zemeckis directed Fox and Christopher Lloyd. A soundtrack by the Naples Philharmonic will be played, performed by Jack Everly.

The Naples International Film Festival 2020 meetings were outdoor events at Norris Garden, and this year, too, films will be screened outdoors.

There are 67 movies in the program, ranging from documentary to storytelling films and shorts to documentaries. Marcus Jansen, an internationally renowned local artist revealed the preview.

Jansen’s work is on display at The Baker Museum. He attended the preview to reveal the poster.

He painted “Transitions”, a theme that is appropriate for an organization coming out of a tough time in art. Last year’s pandemic impacted every aspect of festival and will continue to drive some aspects of the festival this year.

Artis Naples has a COVID-19 Policies Page that outlines all requirements to participate in Artis Naples events. Filner indicated that this could be changed within days due to the events having local or national health ratings.

Filner stated that “we are continually evaluating them.” Filner said that ticket buyers would be notified.

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Shannon Franklin, NIFF’s artistic producer said that the festival received a record number submissions this year, around 900. This festival is on the rise; last year’s record-breaking 800 submissions was another.

Tickets for the opening night and awards ceremonies are now available through Artis — Naples. The Mercato Center has Silverspot Cinemas, which shows all other films. Also, there will be two panels discussions over the weekend moderated by Elaine Newton who is the presenter for Artis Naples during its performance season.

Silverspot Cinema offers multifilm and individual film packages. Details can be found in the information box.

Harriet Howard Heithaus is a reporter for Naples Daily News/ She reports about arts and entertainment. They can be reached at 239-213-6091.

International Film Festival Naples

Where:Opening night on the red carpet, October 21, 2007, 7:15 pm Films shown in the Silverspot Cinema at various times. Panel discussions at 10 am on October 22nd, 23rd; Norris Garden Films starting at 7.30 pm (doors opened October 7th, 22-23); Closing Ceremony and Party on October 24th at 5:15 pm. “Back to the Future”, with live music from the Naples Philharmonic.

Where: Opening and closing evenings and Norris Garden films at Artis — Naples, 5833 Pelican Bay Blvd., Naples. Additional films and discussion at Silverspot Cinema 9118 Strada Place No. 8205, Naples

Event entry:Opening film $ 39. Films and parties $ 99. Film and VIP party $ 200. Final ceremony and film “Back to the Future” starting from 79 US$

Film entry:Silverspot Films, $ 15, at Discounted packages for four movies, $ 55 at Silverspot Box Office only. Friday and Saturday Nights: Norris Garden film $ 60 per table.

Approval panel discussion: Reservations are necessary at

Get: Artis Naples only events, Silverspot films: or at your local box office.

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