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How to Grill Fish: The Ultimate Backyard Guide



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This summer you’d be wise to throw any and all seafood on the grill. Keep reading to find out how to make lemony, herby scallops in no time.

1. Great Seafood starts with a great fishmonger

Those fish won’t scale themselves, so this summer get to know the Fish Guy (or Gal). Here’s what to ask him or her to do:

Gut and Scale
This is what you call whole fish. For the best look, you can leave the fins intact. If you’d like to buy squid that’s already been cleaned (and you probably do), call in advance to give a heads-up.

Butterfly and Fillet
You should find a store that can cut up fish in whatever way you like. Ask for a cut steak or fillet made to your specifications. The same applies to butterflying whole fishes.

Encourage Sustainable Swaps
A good fishmonger will help you determine what’s swimming locally, what’s eco-friendly, and what’s a good alt when there just isn’t any snapper to be had.

Give it a try!
The best part about going to a fish shop or farmers’ market stall is that the staff can sell you on a local or seasonal fish you may not have tried before. (“If you like black bass, you’ll love…”) It’s a good way to find your new favorite seafood.

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2. You Grill should be clean and well-oiled

What you’ve heard Is true: fish is more likely to stick than chicken or beef. Your best defense is a grill that’s pristine, oiled, and hot. This means that you should clean your grill thoroughly with a grill brush, before and after every use. To fully coat the grill in oil or olive oil, make sure to wipe it down with a damp rag. And remember: as with meat, if the fish doesn’t release easily, it’s not quite ready to be flipped.

3. Grill and then Marinate

You marinate most proteins before cooking—but not fish. Because it’s so delicate, the flesh can break down when marinated first, sometimes causing the fish to fall apart. A post-grill soak gives flavor and texture without losing any.
Find the recipe here Snapper Escabèche with Charred Scallions

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