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JLB: Hello, Smothered In Food News



Patrons dine on the sidewalk along First Street in downtown Fort Myers. With the weather finally cooling, it's once again comfortable to dine al fresco.

At a restaurant where I used to work, the servers had a saying. If a customer ordered an abundance of dishes, more plates than could comfortably fit on their table, we’d call it “smothered” and ask a colleague for help delivering the food. 

So, “Table 32 is covered in a thick layer of sauce. Please help me to make these 14 orders de fajitas.”

This week, decades removed from that job, I find myself once again smothered — in a way that’s almost as sizzling as 14 plates of fajitas with all the fixings.

You can catch up on all the food news from Sanibel to outdoor restaurants and stone crabs in Naples. 

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Let’s go outside and eat this!

It’s O-V.E.R. Summer More. Cooler weather is finally here, which means we can finally eat outside — without having to shower and change clothes afterward. For this Floridian-style fall, I gathered 64 great local restaurants that offer stunning outdoor seating and delicious food. You can now eat outdoors in The News-Press or Naples Daily News. 

Tastes like Naples

At Captain & Krewe, the steady beat of stone crab claws cracking and Champagne popping is this restaurant’s soundtrack; one speckled with country-club conversations and the flip, flop of leather sandals. Overlooking Cambier Park, steps from Fifth Avenue South, this place is thoroughly Naples — in some very delicious ways. Review in NDN and The NP. 

Sanibel: Out with the past, in with the future

A trio of Sanibel restaurants and eateries have changed hands, with old concepts giving way to new, modern and more diverse ones: Italian to Asian; deli to gourmet market; pizza and pasta to, well, newer pizza and pasta. I’ll show you who’s who and what’s what in The NP and NDN. 

How to maximize your Thanksgiving budget

It is going to be expensive. This Thanksgiving, a variety of factors are driving up food costs. Others are stocking up, while others don’t worry. Andrew Atkins, our own Andrew Atkins will help us navigate the Thanksgiving shopping season in 2021. Read on in NDN and The NP. 

Naples! Get ready to Nosh

Todd Johnson, a Naples native and longtime chef-partner at Rumrunners in Cape Coral, is opening a place of his own in his hometown. Johnson, a Naples High graduate, is opening a new restaurant in his hometown. It will take over space at 1500 South and Meredays. The menu is as varied as Johnson’s culinary history. Details in NDN or The NP. 

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• Bonita Springs is getting more delicious by the day. Andrew has returned to Bonita and is taking us on an exciting culinary tour. (NDN & TNP)

• Ten years ago, a Munich chef brought schnitzel and strudel to Fort Myers Beach, and he never looked back. Take the Eaten Path to Heidi’s Island Bistro. (TNP & NDN)

• A crisp taste of Michigan is coming to SWFL this weekend. See how you can get a bite of The Apple Truck (NDN & TNP)

• Asif Syed, chef-owner of 21 Spices in Naples, is getting into the food truck business. You can find more details at NDN and in The NP. 

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Bon appetit!

Annabelle Tometich

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