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Joey Holz makes viral his employment experiment



Joey Holz goes viral with employment "experiment"

LEE COUNTY — We are able to hear about a Fort Myers man who is now famous for an experiment he conducted.

Joey Wood claimed that he noticed employment signs throughout Lee County. So he created a plan to get more work.

“Let’s do 30 days, 2 jobs a day. If I pick something up on the side, great. I’m already working, ”Holz.

There were sixty applications to jobs paying $ 12 per hour or less. Holz was impressed by the results after he listened to the questions.

Joey Wood

Holz’s data are compiled in a pie chart

“16 of them answered me, 4 of them had a phone call after an email exchange and then 1 of them became an interview. Holz stated that none of them got a job for which they were really qualified.

Holz shared his experiment on social media, September 29, 2013. Business Insider quickly contacted him and the story began to take off.

“He wrote his article and it was picked up everywhere. Wood stated that the Yahoo News Front Page featured me on Reddit and Occupy Democrats, while I was on The Other 98% pages.

Holz’s experiments come at a moment when many workers are demanding better wages and conditions. John Deere, Kellogg and even Denver Airport Caretakers are all on strike.

“It’s not that nobody wants to work. Holz said that no one wants to be a slave worker anymore.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, wages rose by $ 0.19 per hour in September.

Holz explained to him that these numbers prove the workers are available, it’s up to the employers to just pay for their services.

“You think, oh no, I promise I’ll try to get you help, it’s just that nobody wants to work. Holz said, “Nobody believes it anymore.”

Holz claimed that his experiment was not meant to be that popular, but that he hopes it sparks a discussion about the United States’ work environment that wasn’t possible before.

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