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LaBelle, a horse that was attacked by dogs



A horse attacked by dogs in LaBelle

LABELLE, Fla. — A call ran across the telecommunication center of a Hendry County deputy about an animal complaint. He then headed for Evans Road where he found a vicious attack by dogs on a horse.

The attack occurred Saturday night.

“Deputies got out there. They investigated it. The dogs weren’t there anymore. The dogs were gone. They checked with their neighbors for identification,” stated Captain Susan Harrelle, Hendry County Sherriff’s Office.

The dog’s owners were not identified by the deputies who tried to locate them.

The horse died eventually.

Harrelle stated that we know the horse belonged a traumatized person.”

The incident report states that the deputy who reported the incident said one person was “very upset”.

The horse was lying face down on the ground, with numerous injuries to its neck, head and vital organs. Reporting deputy stated that the horse had suffered from injuries unrelated to life and was “in distress”.

The incident was described by a woman who saw it and posted it on Facebook. The woman said that one dog was large, while the other seemed to be large Pitbull mixes.

The dog’s freedom was also a concern for her.

Evans Road isn’t the only area where canines are roaming free. Harrelle stated that it is a problem in Hendry County.

“It is unfortunate that sometimes we have areas where animals are just let loose and gone — left to their own means,” she said.

This is prohibited in Hendry County. Dog owners are required to keep their dog’s safety in mind when they have a pet.

“That means that owners must contain their animals to their property. When they aren’t, they have to be physically retrained. Harrelle stated that this means they need to be on a lease, in their arms or kenneled.

She encouraged anyone seeing loose dogs to get in touch with animal control and law enforcement.

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