LARRY KUDLOW: Unbelievable Acts of Barbarism by Hamas

LARRY KUDLOW: Hamas barbarism is beyond belief

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has once again brought to light the dangers and brutality of terrorism. As the world watches with bated breath, it is important to shed light on the atrocities committed by Hamas and the need for unwavering support for Israel. In this article, we explore the barbarism displayed by Hamas and emphasize the importance of standing against such acts of terror.

The ruthless tactics of Hamas

Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization, has consistently shown complete disregard for human life and dignity in its pursuit of an extremist agenda. The group regularly deploys tactics that deliberately target civilian populations, using innocent men, women, and children as tools for their own sinister purposes. Rockets fired aimlessly towards Israeli cities and towns, without any concern for civilian casualties, showcase the barbarism of Hamas.

These indiscriminate attacks not only lead to loss of innocent lives but also instill fear and trauma in the lives of Israeli civilians. No nation should have to endure such unrelenting violence and terror, and the world must stand united against such barbaric acts.

The use of human shields

One of the most heinous tactics employed by Hamas is the use of human shields. By placing military installations and weapons stockpiles in densely populated civilian areas, Hamas intentionally jeopardizes the lives of innocent Palestinians, exploiting their vulnerability for their own purposes. This despicable act not only puts civilian lives at risk but also makes it difficult for Israel to carry out military operations against legitimate targets without unintentionally causing harm to civilians.

Hamas’ deliberate use of human shields is a gross violation of international law and an affront to humanity. It is essential that the international community recognizes and condemns this tactic, holding Hamas accountable for the rampant abuse of innocent lives.

The destruction of cultural heritage

In its ruthless pursuit of power, Hamas has time and again demonstrated a complete disregard for cultural heritage and historical sites. During the conflict, countless historic structures, including places of worship and archaeological sites, have been destroyed by the group’s rockets and tunnels. This destruction not only erases important historical artifacts but also erodes the shared human heritage of the region.

The targeting of cultural sites is not only an attack on history but also a psychological blow to the people impacted. By destroying symbols of identity and eradicating evidence of shared histories, Hamas seeks to erase the essence of coexistence and mutual understanding between different communities in the region.

Hamas: a propagator of hatred

Behind the physical violence and destruction, Hamas serves as a major propagator of hatred and anti-Semitism. The group uses media channels, educational systems, and social platforms to spread its ideology of hatred towards Israel and the Jewish people. By demonizing their opponents and falsely portraying them as oppressors, Hamas fuels a cycle of animosity that hampers any chances of peaceful coexistence.

Such incitement to hate goes against the principles of tolerance and respect for diversity that are essential for a harmonious society. It is imperative for governments, civil society, and global organizations to take a strong stand against the spread of hate speech and ensure that the voices of moderate and peace-seeking individuals are amplified.

The need for unwavering support for Israel

In the face of Hamas’ barbarism, it is crucial for the international community to offer unwavering support to Israel. As a beacon of democracy and human rights in a region plagued by conflicts, Israel deserves solidarity from the global community in its fight against terrorism. The fundamental values shared by democratic nations must form the basis of support for Israel, recognizing its right to self-defense against ruthless acts of terror.

By standing with Israel, we demonstrate our commitment to upholding the principles of justice, dignity, and peace. It is through unity and determination that we can send a clear message to terrorist organizations like Hamas that their barbarism will not be tolerated.


The barbarism exhibited by Hamas in its relentless pursuit of power and extremism cannot be ignored. This terrorist organization’s disregard for human life, use of human shields, destruction of cultural heritage, and propagation of hatred are grave violations of international norms and values. To achieve lasting peace in the region, it is imperative that the international community stands resolute against terrorism and offers unwavering support to Israel. It is only through unity and a shared commitment to justice that we can overcome the darkness of terrorism and work towards a future of coexistence and understanding.


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