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Lee approves arrangements to strengthen shelters



Lee approves agreements to harden arenas used as emergency shelters


Lee approves arrangements to strengthen shelters

Lee Board of County Commissioners has voted to approve funding agreements with Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. The agreement covers $ 4.5million for the hardening of Hertz Arena’s roofs and windows. $ 2.8million will be used for emergency shelters in both the Hertz Arena Alico Arena.

This grant covers 100% of the costs of treating these facilities which provided shelter for emergency declarations in Lee County, Florida and other parts of Florida.

These funds were made available by the state’s Community Development Block Grant Mitigation program (CDBGMIT). This was after Hurricane Irma, when Lee County was deemed the hardest-hit and most severely affected area of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. In June 2020 the board approved all funding applications.

The post-Irma period saw $ 14.7million in CDBG Disaster Relief and Containment Funding Agreements signed by the commissioners. These included $ 7.1 Million in flood control improvements and sidewalk repairs in San Carlos Park. Additionally, $ 253,000 has been allocated for coastal resilience and risk assessments. In the final quarter of 2021 the commissioners should have further financing agreements for 6.9 millions pedestrian walkways.

Lee County is a candidate for this grant nationwide.

For more information on the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity’s containment program for communities across the state hit by storms in 2016-2017, visit:

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