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Lee County School District: Skyline Elementary presents Rock Your School



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Skyline Elementary was selected to host the fourth Rock Your School national event. This will be held on Thursday, Oct 21st. Rock Your School is an international effort to improve student engagement through creating exceptional educational experiences that bring classroom learning to life.

Headmistress Laura Trombetti says that she is very happy to be hosting the “Rock Your School” event at Skyline Elementary. We are thrilled that the school will become a focal point of all that’s happening in Lee County’s schools district. Students and staff will have the opportunity to be part of a transformation at school. It will be an eventful and exciting day of learning. While learning can be tiring and exhausting, it can be very enjoyable.

Rock Your School is sponsored by Get Your Teach On. This educational organization provides professional development for the K-8 teachers community. Hope King, bestselling author and Wade King are the educators. All Skyline staff and students can look forward to an exciting day of learning. Students are encouraged to modify their classrooms and to explore new areas in the curriculum. Skyline teachers will be able to attend a training seminar led by Get Your Teach on at the end.

Hope King is co-founder and CEO of Get Your Teach On. All it takes is us. We can transform a child’s lives if educators feel motivated. Students can feel the joy of lifelong education.

Rock Your School has educators representing more than 1000 schools from all 50 states as well as several countries.

Lee County School district produced the news release. These views are entirely yours.

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