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Lee Health celebrates inclusion with Project SEARCH



Former Project SEARCH intern Matteo, left, now serves as a mentor for the new intern Starling.

Lee Health is committed to creating an inclusive environment where all people can flourish.

Larry Antonucci

National Disability Employment Awareness Month is celebrated with businesses and organizations from across the nation. We also celebrate five years as moderator for SEARCH. The school-to-work program is a year long and helps students with developmental or intellectual disabilities to develop the life-and-work skills necessary for competitive employment. Lee County’s School Board, Center for Independent Living and Vocational Rehabilitation also support the SEARCH project.

Project SEARCH follows the Lee County school district calendar. Our newest interns joined the team in August. They are currently at Health Park Medical Center, Golisano Children’s Hospital and the Health Park Medical Center in south Florida. They gain practical experience as guest caregivers, nutrition advisors, central supply workers, and in the production of sterile products. Inpatient Pediatrics and Pediatric Sedation are some of the areas you’ll be working in.

Lee Health Project has over the years hired SEARCH interns to work in environmental services and sterilize processing. In fact, one of our interns is now an assistant at Golisano Children’s Hospital.

Matteo, one of the Project SEARCH interns was hired upon completion. Leesar hired Matteo in April 2019, in the Sterile Processing section. Lee Health took control of sterile process recently, making Matteo an official at Lee Health. Matteo, in celebration of his two-years’ activity, is also taking care Starling (another intern at Project SEARCH). Matteo will be receiving more email and important notices by mentors. Because of this, he will have to review his business emails regularly in order to stay on top. Matteo acquires more useful skills while guiding and teaching Starling in daily sterile processing.

Project SEARCH interns are also educated by the school district. These five Ps include politeness, promptness, preparation, productivity, and positivity. The five Ps will help them be more successful in their everyday lives.

Meghan Daley, Lee Health’s Project SEARCH Coordinator, says interns also learn about our extraordinary Lee promise, which is, “We promise to listen and communicate effectively, to accept empathy, to act with compassion and Continuously improve care – a safe, calming and healing environment for our patients, their families and each other. “

Teams that support our Project SEARCH interns not only teach them how to do the job but also the meaning of living the Lee Promise. Ms. Daley said, “We are grateful to our wonderful people at Golisano Children’s Hospital in Southwest Florida and Health Park Medical Center, for their dedication and time to work with our Project SEARCH internships.” “They demonstrate the core values ​​of the Lee Health team and emulate the extraordinary Lee promise by listening, communicating and treating everyone with respect.”

It is an honor to be a part of the Project SEARCH Program. These students deserve to be able to learn valuable, transferable skills to help them find meaningful and competitive work and financial independence.

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