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Lee Schools invites you to suggest names for Estero School



Lee Schools are asking for name suggestions for the new Estero School

ESTERO FLORIDA – Lee County School District seeks suggestions for a school name that will be opened in Estero, Florida in August 2023.

The project’s current name is “South Zone AAAA PreK-8”, but school officials are open to changing this. If you have an idea to name the school, the LCSD invites everyone who is interested in it to send it online before Friday, October 15, at 5:00 p.m.

This list contains guidelines from the school board on what you should look for in a school name:

  • Particularly, the history, culture and peoples of Florida and Southwest Florida.
  • Florida’s natural environment, and the native fauna and flora of Southwest Florida are particularly important.
  • There are notable achievements and events that have been associated with Southwest Florida, specifically Florida.
  • It is the location in which it is located;
  • The founders, leaders, heroes and symbols that form the foundation of this nation.

A committee of experts will examine submissions to determine which ones comply with Executive Board Policy 9.1, LCDS stated in a press release.

Next, a second survey of top-choice members of each committee is conducted before a final recommendation to school management is made in December.

Construction on the AAAA PreK-8 at Three Oaks Parkway will begin in 2022.

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