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Editorial cartoon

Freedom to do the right thing

Our freedom is something that we all share. Ben Albritton wrote an editorial that convinced me. The government cannot order us to do something we do not want.  

All men and women have fought for freedom and gave their lives to do so. Of course, those who died no longer enjoy freedom, having served our country with their lives and doing things they didn’t want to do, like dying, but still, that’s them and they should have refused to serve. They had the right to do so, didn’t they?  I wish I had thought of that before I went in the Army, but I guess I was naive and thought that was the right thing to do.

It shouldn’t matter if children have been vaccinated against measles, smallpox, or polio before entering kindergarten. These shots can be painful, so why would they need to suffer? It’s a child’s right to be healthy and it may prevent other kids getting sick.

What’s the point of screening to get a rifle or gun? 

Why should I need to take a test before driving my own car? What’s the point of me having to take a test before I can drive my own car?  Why can’t you have your freedom, too?

Incidentally, does this apply to women who enjoy freedom of choice over whether to bear a child, particularly when they may have been raped or subjected to incest?

We are grateful to Mr. Albritton, for this article. This article has awakened in me all the freedoms that I have been lacking. The medically proven fact that masks and vaccinations are largely effective in preventing the spread of COVID is immaterial if it takes away some of our freedom. Ben Franklin would probably agree. But didn’t he mean essential liberties? Is wearing a mask giving up a really essential liberty? Is it as important to give up your life in order to protect your country?

Peter Weissman, Naples

Democrats must take personal responsibility

The fragility of our democracy can be dangerous. This democracy requires that we participate, take care of it and educate ourselves about how to keep it safe. Voting is a great way to make these choices.

It is not acceptable to use lack of information about candidates or issues as an excuse. You cannot take for granted the meaning of democracy. We have a multitude of sources of information that we can all access. The computer has enabled us to research both sides of an issue, get in-depth information on candidates, plus discuss and debate our findings.

It is our responsibility to ensure we vote. If the postal ballots have been sent, we must decide where to go. The ballots can’t be sent to another address. You must select a party to vote in the primary election. Only nonpartisan candidates can be voted for by independents. However, they can still vote in general elections.

We bolster democracy when we take responsibility to vote, to participate in its activities, to teach our children and grandchildren about their responsibilities — and yes, it is work on all our parts. But isn’t it worth it?!

Judi Palay, Naples

DeSantis should not be elected.

The list of Democratic candidates who are vying for the governorship against Gov. DeSantis is the best choice if you are unhappy with how this country has been run by Obama and Harris as well as Schumer.

Michael Adler, Miromar Lakes

The consequences of debt can be disastrous

Our economy’s size is increasing and our debt is growing faster than it used to. Both parties are to blame. It will have devastating consequences.

Our debt was clearly increased by the pandemic. Long-term economic growth and participation rates are declining, which is causing a drop in our labor force participation. Are millions of illegal and legal immigrants coming to the U.S. in order to rebuild America’s workforce and grow its economy? Or will they push for increased debt through political agenda programs that increase our unsustainable level of debt?

The growth rate of our economy is affected by higher levels of debt. 

Democrats claim that more spending makes our economy more robust, the people in it more successful, and creates more tax revenue than debt interest payments. However, more spending won’t cost anything. This reasoning can be applied to your home budget.

Program reforms that can be measured should be implemented to support new and expanding programs.

These are difficult choices. Fiscal discipline can only be restored by restraint, but leadership is required. It is possible to fuel an economy with strong recovery if elected officials are willing to take on the challenge. This will be a benefit to generations to come.

Frank Mazur, Fort Myers

Editorial cartoon

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