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Editorial cartoon

The climate legislation can be saved

Washington must work with climate activists who appear to be empty-handed at the summit. Biden’s $ 3,5 trillion Build Back Better Act, which includes $ $ 198 billion for energy and natural resource investment, is worth $ 3.5 trillion. Otherwise, the Democrats must get Senators Manchin & Sinema aboard.

Some individuals have valid concerns. Manchin should protect West Virginia’s 14,000 workers, who are responsible for producing about $ 6.8billion annually in coal. Biden must offer Manchin at most $ 10 Billion over the next 3 years in order to provide clean energy jobs that are an alternative to coal mines. The projects could include the construction of a Huntsville-based wind turbine prop and blade factory, and water turbine power generation plants on the Ohio River at locks in Willow Island and Hogsett. They also have solar and windturbine facilities throughout the state. In addition, alternative energy vocational training is possible in Morgantown through satellite facilities located at 12 other Cities. This not only benefits the State of Manchin, but also the entire United States by preventing climate change and cleaning up our environment.

Arizona would also receive $ 10 Billion to develop solar power facilities in the desert. Sinema will be able to support this legislation. The electricity will be provided by it as Lake Meade becomes less water-rich and the Hoover Dam generates less. Some of the Colorado River water could be used to supply electricity to California, while Arizona could use more of the Colorado River water.

Robert Schmidt Fort Myers

Sent more Democrats into the Senate

It is possible to fix Senator Joe Manchin’s handicap by making significant infrastructure spending. This will reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, and help mitigate the effects of climate change. Val Demings is the Democratic nominee for Florida’s Senate seat, up for election in 2022. People do whatever the state’s people and coal-company donors want. There is only one way to fix this: get more Democrats elected to the Senate. That will allow one senator to give the entire country the information it requires to plan for the economy and weather of the future. While we may have become more conscious of the possibility of higher sea levels and stronger hurricanes in Floridians’, West Virginians are likely to feel its effects next time there is a severe storm or 100-year rain. We must put Senator Manchin in the coals and elect senators who are aware of the problem and willing to find solutions.

Karen Wentzel, Naples

Most foster parents take care of their children well

Florida finds Foster Problems. Lauren Book (female Senate leader) said that the results of the Florida Review indicated that foster parents do not enjoy the same control as their families. Our lives were examined from finances to neighbors and close friends. We completed 12 weeks worth of training. We now have thousands of dollars invested in fire extinguishers and cameras, as well as home security. We would often rush to the stores late at night, grabbing clothes or toys for the kids who arrived in the morning with only what they had. At least once per month, and almost always unannounced we conducted house inspections where the private interviewed children were subjected. Every year we need to renew our licences. This includes 40 hours of training. Our participation in family reunions is another requirement. The parents can inform us if the children have any injuries and take them to the doctor. You wouldn’t believe the circumstances in which these children were brought back to their families. Is there a problem with foster parents? Of course. Most of us really care about the best interest of our children. Most children don’t remember Christmas, birthdays or anything else. But they do know that there is love. We got it right away in return.

Peter Vande Walle, North Fort Myers

Biden runs land in the ground

We are grateful to Delaware for giving us Joe Biden’s services in order to show his incompetence as a senator for the past 36 years. To all the Georgia “Republicans”, who came home to vote in the Senate election, so that we could see socialism. I am especially sorry for those Republicans who voted for Trump over Biden.

Is it possible to be happy? Biden and his agent took nine months to bring this country to its knees.

Joe Kiernan in Naples

Editorial cartoon

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