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Editorial cartoon

Trump was America’s best friend

Five of the five Friday letters were written to criticize the Conservatives, Republican Party, Republican Party supporters, Governor DeSantis, and never forgotten Donald Trump. Surprisingly though, the complaint list did not contain any mention of President Trump being responsible for global warming. These inflammatory speeches appear on The News-Press’ editorial page every day.

The steamy heap of irony they cried for from the right made me shiver. Serios? It is serious? Today, US citizens find themselves in Afghanistan at the mercy and wrath of the Taliban. It is so sad that the left offered this as the only option!

Trump’s Tweeting Too Excessive? Was he dull? Did he step on the toes Shysters and Slackers’ feet? Yes. However, I believe that if he does not respect your feelings, then you could be part of America’s daily problem.

In the end, America is no better than it was that day.

Tom Perkins, Fort Myers

Biden’s Inflation: Increase in Fuel Costs

I am 92, retired, and have never driven much. I was shocked to discover that I had paid $ 35 to refill my tank at 7-Eleven for 11296 gallons of gasoline at $ 3,099 per gallon. The same 7 Eleven had $ 2.19 for me on October 6th 2020. That’s a $ 41 percent increase.

According to democratic media, the rise is due the pandemic. It is a blatant lie that I support. In fact, I recall vividly that the United States was net exporters in 2020. But President Biden immediately stopped all construction and exploration of new pipelines. He also stopped the building of exploratory wells. Imports covered the remaining backlog of high-priced crude oil. These tankers can travel 10,000 to 16,000 miles, and pollute the air with propulsion fuel.

Before opening day (20 January 2021), my last fuel tank was filled at 7-Eleven on 29 December 2020. I paid $ 2.179 for a gallon. The price of fuel at that station was $ 2.47 per gallon by February 7, 2021. This pandemic was still in its infancy.

Today, I saw that Sept. 2020/ Sept. 2021 inflation was 5.4 percent. The inflation rose to 5.4% in 2021. However, the Federal Reserve says it will drop – even though it announced it would not rise above 2.0%.

But social security – disguised under a different name – will rise by 5.9 percent for next year when inflation reaches… .. What is the answer???

John Domenie, Naples

Manchin’s financial interest

Joe Manchin’s biggest hurdle in passing the Infrastructure Bill was that he received $ 500,000 per annum from the coal-fired funds he founded in 1998. This fund, run by his son, provides clean energy, water, as well as air. It also helps to replace the West Virginia-based fossil fuels which have been a significant contributor to West Virginia’s economy. The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee is also his chair. He has accepted thousands of Exxon Lobbies and Republican Oil and Gas titans. He does not realize that the jobs in mining he wants to protect could be replaced with training existing workers and preventing black lung disease premature death. Keep up with the times, Senator 2021.

Glenn Chenot, Cape Coral

Next steps for DeSantis

It is unclear when Governor DeSantis plans to hold a press conference in order to inform President Biden that Christmas presents were delayed because of delivery and container issues.

Ronald Martin Fort Myers

Two standards for vaccines, masks and abortion

My puzzlement is that both our governor and the people who are against vaccinations and facemasks believe that this is their body, their decision and should have full control. But they don’t think a woman should have the right to decide what happens with her body in regards to abortion.

An unvaccinated individual who has contracted COVID could have spread the virus to many others before they realize they are infected. Some of these people can become ill from a weakened immune system. These people seem to believe that their lives, including those of mothers, fathers and sisters, as well as any annoyances or children, is not worth as much as the unborn foetus. It is a strange line of thinking.

Donalie Benyak, Fort Myers

Editorial cartoon

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