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Editorial cartoon

Collier Friends of the Library

Collier County Friends of the Library are fundraising funds for the ten Collier County libraries.

FOL has donated $ 100,000 recently to Collier County Library System to buy eBook licenses. The genealogical database of Naples Regional Library located on Central Avenue, Naples is also purchased by FOL. Our summer reading program helps children, teens and adults. Mail-A-Book is covered for all costs. You can also find more.

Be a friend to celebrate National Friends of the Library Week! You can find more information on

Connie father of Connie, ex-president, Friends of the Library -Collier County

Europe’s approval rates rise in America

It is a great news to learn that 49 percent of Americans approve of the European Union. This was the highest figure since 2009. This is 19 percentage points higher than the 30 percent for 2020. It’s surprising to find that only Russia, Serbia and Benin oppose this, likely because the enabler of their opposition isn’t in power.

Ronald Martin, Fort Myers

Are you looking for a unique nameake?

Lee County is named after Robert E. Lee, but Bruce Lee has been adopted as its name. This is because Lee County residents are well-informed and believe that Lee’s films were too violent. Sarah is the obvious choice. Sarah Lee is a favorite of many.

AC Müller, Naples

Biden did nothing right

Trump is not creating jobs. The border is now a catastrophe after Trump repaired it. Inflation is high, gas and food prices continue to rise by 30-50 percent. Americans remain trapped in Afghanistan. Yet, he considers the evacuation extraordinary. The COVID issue has not been resolved, no truck drivers are delivering cargo to 100 ships beyond Los Angeles. Biden is demanding another 3.5 trillion dollars. He says that it does not cost anything.

Biden and Democrats are both idiots. Biden voted to build a wall 600 miles long in 2006. But he now has a disaster in Del Rio (Texas) Biden shut down the oil pipeline, laid off thousands of employees and is now asking OPEC for oil. Then he turns his back and walks off without asking any questions. What about the media? As disgusting as he is, you too are. In nine months, he hasn’t accomplished anything.

Douglas Voss in Naples

We fell of a cliff

The truck-driver shortage is the root cause of our supply chain issues. California’s latest emissions regulations require trucks to meet them (50 percent in port trucks don’t). Restricted driving hours and more favorable residence rights make it difficult for drivers. Biden’s existing round-the-clock plan of work, already in effect, won’t help.

Biden’s rules have resulted in 50 percent more gas. Biden’s regulations have led to a 50 percent decline in work platforms, a 20 percent decrease in state drilling, and fewer workers contributing to lower production. Biden reversed Trump’s policy of making the US energy-independent. It is now up to foreign suppliers not performing at their best that we rely upon.

Additionally, the required requirements are impossible to satisfy because there is not enough semiconductors. Many of these are Taiwanese. China’s threats to take over the island from the US will impact supply, given its weakness. Environmentists in the US are threatening America’s largest chipmaker. They want more stringent environmental standards.

These problems were not present a year ago. The reversal of policies that helped America become great again by Biden’s president decrees on January 20th began the unravelling. It was a fall from a cliff, and we must be prepared for what lies ahead.

Frank Mazur, Fort Myers

Injust tax distribution

My blood boils whenever I hear someone talk about “rich”, who aren’t paying their fair share. The critics don’t say how much they think it should be, as they aren’t interested in being tied to any specific amount.

Let’s take a look at these numbers. These figures are from the tax foundation. The data refers to 2018. Top 1 percent earn 21 percent of income, and pay 40 percent of income taxes. Average rates paid by the top 1 percent were 25 percent and 3 percent respectively, while those in the bottom 50% paid only 3%.

This doesn’t seem to be a fair way of distributing taxes. The numbers demonstrate a highly advanced system. This is in my opinion unfair.

Chuck Bainbridge East Naples

Congress should act to safeguard democracy

Federal action is required to combat the recent increase in voter suppression laws, as well as attempts to subvert fair and secure elections. To protect democracy, Congress needs to act to establish national standards for federal elections. Freedom to Vote Act protects the rights of voters, ends partisan gerrymandering and helps eliminate undue dark money influence on our elections.

Paula Fidelman, Fort Myers

Editorial cartoon

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