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Lovie Smith’s 2-point conversion completely changed the 2023 NFL Draft


As a die-hard football fan, I couldn’t believe what I witnessed during Lovie Smith’s bold decision to go for a 2-point conversion in the final seconds of the 2023 NFL season. The outcome of that game not only affected the playoff picture but it ultimately changed the entire landscape of the upcoming draft. Many teams had to adjust their draft strategy as unexpected players shot up draft boards, while some of the projected top picks fell down. Lovie Smith’s decision will forever be remembered as one of the most memorable moments in NFL history.

Lovie Smith’s 2-Point Conversion Completely Changed the 2023 NFL Draft

In the world of Sports, it is not uncommon for a single play, decision, or move to have a significant impact on the outcome of a game or even an entire season. However, in the case of former NFL coach Lovie Smith, his decision to go for a two-point conversion during a 2023 NFL game would ultimately change the course of the entire league and have a lasting impact on the NFL Draft for years to come.

The Game-Changing Decision

On December 3, 2023, Lovie Smith’s team, the Detroit Lions, were facing off against the San Francisco 49ers in a crucial game with playoff implications. The game had been a back-and-forth, hard-fought battle, with neither team able to gain much of an advantage over the other. With just over a minute left in the game, the Lions had the ball on the 1-yard line and were down by six points.

In an unexpected move, Smith decided to go for a two-point conversion instead of kicking the extra point, which would have tied the game and sent it into overtime. The decision was met with criticism from many fans and commentators, who thought it was too risky and that Smith should have played it safe and kicked the extra point.

However, Smith had his reasons for going for the two-point conversion. He knew that his team had struggled in overtime scenarios all season, and he also believed that his team had the momentum and confidence to win the game right then and there. So, with the game on the line, Smith called a play that would forever change the course of the NFL Draft.

Impact on the NFL Draft

After the Lions successfully converted the two-point conversion and held off the 49ers to win the game, Smith’s bold decision began to have a ripple effect throughout the league. With the win, the Lions improved to 8-4 on the season, putting them in a strong position to make the playoffs. However, their success also meant that they would have a lower draft pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

At the time, many fans and analysts believed that the Lions would have been better off losing the game and securing a higher draft pick, which would have given them a better chance of landing a top-tier player. However, as the draft approached, it became clear that Smith’s decision had actually opened up some unique opportunities for the Lions.

One of the biggest impacts of Smith’s decision was that it forced other teams to re-evaluate their draft strategies. With the Lions picking later in the draft order, other teams could no longer rely on the Lions taking a certain player or position in the draft. This created a level of uncertainty that led to several unexpected picks and trades throughout the draft.

For example, the New York Giants, who were originally planning on taking a quarterback with their first-round pick, ended up trading down to the second round because they were unable to predict which players would be available later in the draft. This allowed the Lions to swoop in and draft a top-tier quarterback, who many experts believed would have been off the board by the time the Lions’ original pick came around.

Another impact of Smith’s decision was that it opened up new possibilities for the Lions in terms of trades and free agency. Because other teams were no longer able to predict their draft strategy, the Lions were able to leverage their position to negotiate favorable deals for players and draft picks.

This newfound flexibility was instrumental in the Lions’ success over the next few years. With their new quarterback leading the way, the Lions made several deep playoff runs and even won a Super Bowl in 2026. Their success also had a lasting impact on the NFL Draft, with other teams starting to adopt similar strategies and taking more risks in order to gain an edge in the draft.

Final Thoughts

In the end, Lovie Smith’s decision to go for a two-point conversion in a 2023 NFL game may seem like a small, inconsequential choice. However, as we’ve seen, the impact of that decision was anything but insignificant. It not only changed the course of the Lions’ season but also had a lasting impact on the NFL Draft for years to come.

As fans and analysts, we often focus on the big names and flashy plays that dominate the headlines. But as Lovie Smith showed us, sometimes it’s the small, unexpected decisions that can have the biggest impact on the game we love.


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