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Meta’s Instagram embraces competition with Twitter through Threads app

Meta’s Instagram Takes on Twitter with Rival Threads App

Instagram, the popular image-focused social media platform owned by Meta, is set to take on Twitter with its latest offering – the Threads app. With a growing number of users looking for ways to share real-time updates and connect with their closest friends, Threads aims to provide a more intimate social networking experience. In this article, we will explore Meta’s decision to launch Threads, its features, and how it compares to Twitter’s functionality.

Introducing Threads: A New Way to Connect

Meta’s Threads app is designed to be a companion to Instagram, focusing on real-time communication and updates with a user’s closest contacts. The goal is to provide a more personal and intimate space for users to share their thoughts, photos, and updates with a select group of friends.

Threads allows users to create separate groups called “Close Friends” with whom they can share their updates privately. This feature enables users to maintain a more curated and tailored experience, ensuring that their content is seen only by those they consider truly close.

Enhanced Privacy and Control

One of the key differentiators of Threads from Twitter is its emphasis on privacy and control over one’s social media presence. With Threads, users have the ability to select exactly who they want to share their updates with, ensuring that sensitive information is not shared with unintended audiences.

In addition, Threads offers a unique status feature, which allows users to set automatic updates that reflect their current location, activity, or mood. While this feature may raise concerns regarding privacy and safety, it is entirely optional and can be disabled if desired.

Close Friends: The Heart of Threads

The Close Friends feature in Threads is at the core of the app’s functionality. Users can curate a select group of individuals with whom they want to share their personal updates, ensuring a more intimate and private connection.

By focusing on Close Friends, Threads aims to create a sense of exclusivity and authenticity, allowing users to share content that they wouldn’t necessarily publish on their regular Instagram feed or other social media platforms. This feature sets Threads apart from Twitter, where tweets are typically public and accessible by anyone.

Real-Time Updates and Reactions

Threads enables users to share real-time updates with their Close Friends through photo and video sharing. In addition, users can instantly react to their friends’ updates using a variety of quick and expressive reactions. This enhances the sense of connection and engagement within the Threads community.

While Twitter also allows for real-time updates, the highly visual nature of Threads gives it a unique edge. Users can capture and share moments as they happen, providing a more immersive and immediate experience.

Twitter: A Different Approach to Social Networking

Twitter, the microblogging platform, is known for its public and open nature. It encourages users to share their thoughts and updates with the world, fostering conversations and connecting people across different communities.

Unlike Threads, Twitter focuses on building a broad network rather than fostering intimate connections. It provides a platform for users to engage with a wide range of individuals and topics, creating a more diverse and inclusive social networking experience.


Meta’s Threads app is an exciting addition to the social media landscape, providing users with a new way to connect and engage with their closest friends. With its emphasis on privacy, real-time updates, and the Close Friends feature, Threads offers a more intimate and curated social networking experience. While Twitter remains a popular platform for broader engagement, Threads provides an alternative for users seeking a more personal space to share their thoughts and moments.

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