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Mystery man paying people’s tabs at a Cape Coral restaurant



Mystery man paying people's tabs at a Cape Coral restaurant

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — There’s a mystery taking place at a Southwest Florida restaurant. A mystery Amy Wegmann had to check out for herself.

The mystery wasn’t a “What’s in the tuna casserole?” kind of mystery. It was more like “Who is making people’s day?” time and time again?

Sandi, a regular here at the House of Omelets in Cape Coral, feels right at home sipping on her coffee and pondering what she’ll order. Some of Sandi’s favorites are the omelets and also the raisin bread.

Another thing she loves is the mystery person that visits the House of Omelets on a regular basis and picks up the tab for EVERYONE.

Sandi has been there twice when the mystery person stopped by the Cape Coral restaurant and has no idea who the mystery person is.

Michele Roman, the Manager at House of Omelets, is in the inner circle and knows who the generous diner is but wouldn’t give up too much info.

What we do know is that he’s one of their regular customers with a great big heart, a great family man, and is in the restaurant quite often.

She said when customers get word that their bill was paid they were very surprised. They’re like, “what are you kidding?” Well, who is it? Are they still here? And we’re like, well, he doesn’t like to be identified, you know, so we’ll just leave it as that. And they’re very, very grateful. They really are.

Amy had to see the customer reactions for herself, and the mystery man just so happened to be eating while she was there at House of Omelets. Like in the past again the mystery man picked up the tab for all of the customers.

Christina Munro says “I just think in a time like today that it’s amazing. And if we can bring back some type of humanity like that, just bring it forth. I think it’s amazing.”

Amy Wegmann got the chance to meet the mystery man. He was so kind and when Amy asked him why he does this so often he said his mom was a waitress. He just likes to help people out. He didn’t want to do an interview because he doesn’t want notoriety for what he does. He just does it out of the goodness of his own heart.

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