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NAACP calls on city leaders to revoke downtown Fort Myers restaurant’s license

NAACP calls on city leaders to revoke downtown Fort Myers restaurant’s license
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FORT MYERS, Fla. — Controversy surrounding a downtown Fort Myers business continued Wednesday after the NAACP called on city leaders to revoke the First Street Restaurant business licenses.

The call comes after black customers accused the restaurant of discrimination against black customers by refusing service to them during a sit-in over the weekend.

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The NAACP is also demanding an apology from the restaurant owner.

Restaurant owner Bill Babamov said one of his managers apologized for a racially insensitive comment made by a former waitress at the restaurant.

However, Babamov said in a phone conversation he didn’t understand why he needed to apologize.

NAACP President James Muwakkil is threatening a boycott against the restaurant.

“No business in America could survive without black America buying power,” Muwakkil said.

He is asking the national NAACP organization to support a boycott against the First Street Restaurant.

“No blacks should be going back in that restaurant,” he stated.

The comment comes after social media influencer Nora Potts was by hired Babamov to bring in business and she accused a manager at the restaurant of discrimination.

“She said I”m from Virginia and I’ve never seen this many black people at one time,” Potts revealed.

Babamov said the manager was not used to diversity.

“The hatred is so great that we believe our drinks and food would perhaps get spit in before being served,” Muwakkil said.

Although there is no evidence that happened, Muwakkil wants an apology.  The owner shared a message his manager sent which read, “just please accept my apology for what the staff person said.”

“We asked the mayor and city council to revoke his licenses,” Muwakkil said.

“I spoke with the city attorney. We do not have the legal right to just pull business licenses based on a complaint,” Fort Myers Mayor Kevin Anderson responded.

Anderson said so far he has seen no evidence of racism.

“We have to do our fact-finding first to see if there is a violation that would warrant that,” Anderson continued.

Muwakkil is considering pickets outside the restaurant in the business owner does not personally apologize for the incident.

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