Naples opens simulation center for hands-on medical experience

NAPLES, Fla. – The constant beeping of a heart monitor, difficult breathing and sometimes tears. This is what the inside of the Naples Community Hospital’s newest simulation center looks and sounds like.

Dr. Douglas Harrington says when NCH doctors, nurses, and local residents walk into this simulation center, he wants them to get what they didn’t get in a classroom.

“Getting from the classroom to the bed is a very big step. Often times people are nervous, fearful. You may know here (points to head), but it may not have gotten here (rubs fingers together), ”he said.

He is the medical director of the Simith Center for the Families of Judith and Marvin Herb. He says students only keep about 10 to 15 percent of what they taught in a classroom. However, the simulation increases its retention rate exponentially.

“Let them practice in an exact model of a hospital room, make it as realistic as possible, they’ll remember between 80 and 90 percent,” he said.

Dr. Harrington also says simulation practices helped during the pandemic.

“One of the things that can help a person with COVID pneumonia turn them over on their stomach is called the prone position,” he said. “A team of 6-8 people is required for this. We actually use simulation principles in an ICU mannequin to teach a team this. “

The simulation center is aimed primarily at NCH doctors and local residents. Dr. However, Harrington says they will invite firefighters, police officers, and school nurses from Collier County who have students with chronic illnesses. He says the point is to better prepare the community for medical emergencies.

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