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Native American Group Urges Commanders to Rename Team Redskins, Citing Inability to Erase History

Native American Group Calls on Commanders to Rename Team Redskins: ‘Cannot Erase History’

For decades, the name “Redskins” has been a source of controversy and pain for many Native American communities across the United States. Now, a Native American group is calling on the commanders of the Washington football team to change the team’s name and remove this offensive and derogatory term from professional sports.

The History and Controversy Surrounding the Team’s Name

The Washington Redskins, one of the oldest and most popular football teams in the country, has faced criticism for decades for using a name that many Native Americans find deeply offensive. The term “redskin” has a long history of being used as a racial slur against Indigenous peoples, dating back to a time when bounties were placed on Native American scalps.

Native American activists and organizations have been advocating for a name change for years, arguing that the use of such a racially insensitive term not only perpetuates stereotypes but also undermines the dignity and worth of Native American individuals and communities.

The Call to Rename the Team

Recently, a Native American group called the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) has intensified its efforts to persuade the Washington football team to change its name. The NIGA, which represents over 180 tribal nations across the country, released a statement urging the team to listen to the voices of Native Americans and to stop using a name that is steeped in racism and prejudice.

In their statement, the NIGA emphasized that the name “Redskins” is a painful reminder of a dark past and has no place in modern society. They argued that, as a prominent and influential sports team, the Washington football team has the responsibility to set an example and promote inclusivity and respect for all people.

The Importance of Acknowledging History

While some individuals may argue that changing the team’s name erases history, many Indigenous activists believe that it is crucial to acknowledge the harmful impact that such names have on their communities. They argue that by continuing to use a name that is deeply offensive to Native Americans, society is perpetuating harmful stereotypes and marginalizing an already marginalized group of people.

This debate raises important questions about the balance between preserving history and promoting social progress. While it is important to remember and learn from the past, it is equally important to evolve and adapt as our understanding of social justice deepens.

The Power of Sports in Shaping Society

Sports have always played a significant role in shaping societal norms and values. They have the power to unite people and foster a sense of community, but they can also reinforce harmful stereotypes and perpetuate discrimination. By changing the team’s name, the commanders of the Washington football team have the opportunity to take a stand against racism and promote a more inclusive society.

There are precedents for such name changes. The Cleveland baseball team recently announced that they will be removing their controversial team name, the “Indians,” and adopting a new name that is more respectful to Native American culture. This decision was applauded by many Indigenous activists, and it serves as an example for other sports teams to follow.

The Importance of Listening to Native Voices

One of the fundamental aspects of reconciliation and social progress is listening to and understanding the experiences and perspectives of marginalized communities. Native Americans have long been silenced and ignored, and many argue that changing the team’s name would be a step towards rectifying this historical injustice.

It is important for the commanders of the Washington football team to actively engage with the Native American community and take their concerns seriously. By including Native voices in the decision-making process, the team can send a powerful message of respect and empathy.

A New Chapter for the Washington Football Team

The renaming of the Washington football team would not only be a significant moment for Native Americans but also a symbol of progress and change for American society as a whole. It would demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity, empathy, and respect for all individuals, regardless of their ethnic background.

By taking this important step, the commanders of the Washington football team can foster a greater sense of unity within their community and inspire other sports teams to follow suit. The time has come to leave behind offensive and derogatory names and embrace a future that honors and celebrates the diversity of our nation.


The debate over the Washington football team’s name is an important reflection of the constant struggle for social progress and inclusivity. Native American groups, such as the National Indian Gaming Association, are calling on the team’s commanders to acknowledge the harm caused by the name “Redskins” and to embrace a new name that respects the dignity and worth of Native American individuals and communities.

By listening to these voices, the Washington football team has the opportunity to create a new legacy—one that champions inclusivity, diversity, and respect. This decision has the power to inspire change in professional sports and beyond, signaling a commitment to acknowledging the injustices of the past and building a more equitable future for all.


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